Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rodent Spotlight: Rat

I think most people prefer to see rats as villains, and there is a very good reason for it. In real life, they are absolutely a nuisance. They breed faster than we can control them, and they spread diseases and leave droppings everywhere. They are about as detestable as it gets.

I think this is why they are often portrayed as the bad guys. I really do not mind this! They are big and scary things. Rats are also very glutenous and can get large and fat! I like to see them portrayed as such.

In the movie "Heidi's Song," rats were displayed as purely detestable creatures who loved filth and wanting nothing but to be nasty and bad. There was even a great song about it.

Interestingly enough, Pixar made a movie called Ratatouille that actually showed a sweeter side of rats while STILL showing the nasty ways they live among us. I totally approved of this as well.

My first novel (unpublished until I can get it up to par with my current stuff) was all about the rats, but I showed both sides to them. I see them as the bad guy, but I also believe they can be a strong, powerful force of good if they choose that kind of life. I think that all species of rodent can be shown with both sides in some ways. Imagine if a mouse gained a rat as a companion. What a great ally that would be in whatever trials he would face! But still, you have to admit, it's great to see them staring down at you with those evil eyes of red, and you just know that his intentions will be less than civilized.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rodent Spotlight: Mouse

What do we love about mice? Is it their big round ears, their pointy nose, their little whiskers, or there pink, long, furry tails? It's likely all of the above. I heard that real mice are actually quite tribal and uncultured in reality, but we always portray them as cute, lovable creatures to be adored in fiction.

I always like to look at animals from the stylized viewpoint. I see mice as very timid in stature but with a will of iron. They are fearful and weak, but they do everything they can to strive for success.

The mouse is the hero of the story and rarely the villain. And often, the villain in his story is much larger and oppressive then the mouse could ever be.

The mouse is also very creative! He can make inventions out of anything! An overturned cup becomes a tent, a thimble becomes a cooking pot, and a needle becomes a sword.

Most importantly, we see mice as cute and lovable. That is what draws us to them so much. So, let's hear it for those little squeakers and all their adorable, little antics!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

"Goober's Cousin" has been published on Smashwords!

That’s right! The third installment of “Adventures in Cottontail Pines" has been published on Smashwords! Check out this awesome cover me and Coy Fields II put together!
In this third adventure, “Goober’s Cousin,” Goober finds out that he will be visited by his Aunt Maple and his very young cousin, Waffle. At first, Goober is very excited about meeting his cousin. The only problem is that Waffle is very hyperactive and hard to control, and Goober has a very important homework assignment to finish. Will Goober be able to handle both his school work and a cute, rambunctious tyke all at once?

You can download this story FREE OF CHARGE from Smashwords at the following link:

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Tranquility Abode by Shawn O'Toole

I would like to take a moment to promote one of my friend's stories. Shawn O'Toole, a very good writer of action/adventure and erotica, has published an excellent story by the name of Tranquility Abode (as seen below.)
This is a very intense and well-written story that involves quite a lot of different sides to it. I think that latter point was what made it so much fun. It was a little hard to pick a faction in which you could side with as a reader. They all were so well developed and fun.

This is most definitely a scifi story with many different reasons to love it. It had cloned henchwomen wielding sub-machine guns, hermaphrodite aliens with four arms, and a gun-toting mercenary who easily earns the title of "bad-ass."  It was quite erotic too, so do not say that I did not warn you. But for those of you who like science fiction as I do, this is definitely worth your time.

The story can be found on Smashwords, and it has been doing very well there since it was published. Here is a link:

You can also follow him on Google+. Here is his profile page:

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. :)