Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Daffy Duck and Me

I guess this is going to be a silly blog but still a bit personal. Over the last couple years up to the present, I have been watching a combination of the show Duck Dodgers and The Loony Tunes Show, and I must say... I can strangely relate to the character Daffy Duck. And if you know anything about Daffy, you may wonder if I am some sort of narcissistic asshole for making that claim. Maybe!

For as long as I can remember, I have been rather brutal and harsh on my friends. I say whatever comes to mind and sometimes end up causing a lot of offence. I hurt people's feelings and sometimes I have to apologize for it... sometimes. Actually hardly ever. I may be allergic to it.

The thing is... Daffy does all the same things. He just does whatever he wants without really planning it. No thought whatsoever goes into anything he does or says. Somehow he still progresses through life. Nobody likes him, but he doesn't really worry about that because he is a narcissistic asshole.

The more I watch and study his behavior, the more I can't help but wish I could have his sheer inability to care what others think of him. Daffy is completely and utterly an independent thinker. Sure the thoughts are some of the most inappropriate thoughts imaginable, but the point is that they are HIS! Nobody gave him these thoughts. He's just that awful with no help from anyone else to make him that awful.

Daffy is also very much an anarchist in his own way. This comes from the fact that he doesn't accept anything but his own way in all things. In The Loony Tunes Show, Daffy often imagines himself as a wizard of great power who always gets exactly what he wants. It's a great fantasy, but he seems to incorporate it into his daily life. There was even an episode where he had some business cards made that titled himself as an actual wizard.

I love this guy! I love him for his independence. Yes, he is a horrible person, but at least he's active and unashamed about being horrible. There's honesty there. It's hilarious.

No matter how much you disagree with the things that Daffy Duck says and does, you cannot help but love him more than any other character in the Loony Tunes lineup. Even if its a "love to hate," he steals the show every time. So this is my official salute to what I believe to be the best Loony Tunes character ever made: Daffy Duck. And some days... I wish I was him. I aspire to be him. That's right, I wanna be a jerk. Sounds so liberating honestly. I can see it all now... T.K. Wade -- Professional Wizard (and author).

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Set

Of all the demons I have covered so far in these blogs, the one that eludes me the most, at least so far, is Set. Set is the famed Egyptian god of chaos, fire, deserts, trickery, storms, envy, disorder, violence, and... foreigners. Yes, he is all those things. But exactly how can he be all those things? Well, the truth is that Set is actually one thing that embodies all those things: namely just chaos.

Despite his name, there is nothing really set about Set. He is all over the place. I have not even been able to determine what animal he is. Nobody has. The drawings of him are confusing. Is he an aardvark? A bird? A jackal? Donkey? A fox? Seriously, nobody knows. Maybe he is one of those things... or maybe he is all of them. Maybe he shifts between them. Nobody knows. But then that just makes the chaos that he embodies all the more real, doesn't it?

I recently pointed out that it is very common for demons to exhibit birth defects. I'm beginning to think that Set was a birth defect. He was a little too much of everything that caused him to be a big horrible nothing. Yet he was still powerful as he was. And I get the distinct impression that he was not super upset with the way he turned out.

Set always seemed to embrace who he was. And there was a lot of violent energy inside him that needed to get out. And so he let it out in all of its terrible glory. He was not only a sociopath... but also a psychopath. A sadist. A being that enjoyed the endless suffering of others. He reveled and laughed at each and every disaster.

And yet, as much as we know about him, he still somehow eludes us. He can never truly be pinned down for what he actually is. It's in his nature. Chaos cannot be tamed. Chaos cannot be understood. Do the hurricanes that destroy our coasts have a reason to do what they do? Set never had a reason to do anything. He just did it, and reveled in pleasure at being able to exist at all.

You may find it interesting that he fathered Anubis. Don't think much of it though. There was no love there. Set thought very little of anything but himself. He was only placing himself well within the hierarchy of the gods. Seating himself in an immutable place where nobody could ever contest him.

Set is an example of unbridled terrible evil on a scale far greater than any human dares to consider. He is a careless, brutal, horrible creature. And sadly his influence still exists to this day. Demons don't really die. They just get slightly misplaced. And from there, they still have a say in how things are done. And how Set does things is the very last thing we need. We'll be better off without him.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The 2018 Samson Movie

I recently watched the 2018 movie Samson. Being that I recently wrote my own Samson story, I felt it might be a good idea to check it out and see how it stacked up. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Truth is... it's a mixed bag.

I was already expecting them to make Samson a mortal man empowered by God rather than a human/angel hybrid. I was even fine with that. I don't expect religious films to bother with the outer circle of spiritual phenomenon. So I was ready to experience a purely human Samson in all of his glory.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of complaints. This movie takes far too many licences with the truth. They threw in characters just to move the plot forwards. Characters who were not killed in the Bible were killed simply to add to the drama. The villains were cartoony and came across to me as more like comedy than something to really fear. But okay, so they wanted to make it clear they were bad. Fine.

There were parts that I genuinely enjoyed, and those came in way of the key moments where Samson used his strength to kick Philistine ass. The donkey jaw bone fight was my favorite. I loved these moments. If the whole movie was just them, it be a lot shorter, but probably better. I'll explain why.

Like I said, I did not mind them making Samson a mortal human, but dang! He was always depressed and crying about stupid stuff! When he wasn't using strength, he was all teary eyed. Every time he whined like a girl, it almost made me want to just stop watching the movie. This is not the Samson I was familiar from the Bible at all.

Another problem I had was that his strength was not presented as omnipresent. He sort of... had to... ask for it once in a while. Before he did this, he would sometimes seem weak and scared. There was one scene where he was running for his life. It was kind of silly seeing him like this. It was clearly done just to add extra drama to it.

Oh, yes. The running scene happened after he was found in a brothel. And he was oddly not comfortable being in such an ungodly place. I mean COME ON!

Is Samson worth seeing? Answer: No. It isn't. But I would recommend looking up the main milestone scenes on YouTube if you can. They are actually very good. But at the end of the day, this is a great story that is sullied by too much overthinking and the usual drive to spin a religious story as to not offend everyone. Hope this review helps.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Breaking the Ten Commandments (9-10)

The Ten Commandments is often used as a set of rules by modern churches to help people keep in line. The truth is that the laws of Moses were made obsolete at the moment the curtains were ripped in the temple. Let's continue to look at the final two and see why this list should be ignored as nothing more than a historical document and not modern law, legal or theological.

9: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Lying basically. This particular commandment doesn't even make sense by today's standards. What is wrong with lying? Do you really think telling the whole truth in every situation is a genuinely good thing? I encourage you to be honest and sincere with those you trust, and do feel free to lie to those who you do not trust. Also there is a difference between telling the truth and being sincere. It has to do entirely with being honest and accepting who and what you are. The Jews, at the time, were so prone to making deception and lies that they needed this commandment to keep them straight. Today, it is obsolete.

10: You shall not covet.

This is a jealousy thing. Once again, it had to do with the Jews at the time constantly wanting things that were not theirs. And to be honest, there is something to be said for contentment. However, this law, like every other one in the Old Testament, was intended for a target audience. There is no harm in wanting something that isn't yours. Just don't let it take over your life and lead you on a nasty path. This commandment, as intended, is obsolete.


I've said my piece. I consider everything in the Bible to be true, but not everything is relevant universally. When Jesus died, the curtains in the temple ripped. We are no longer intended to be a theocracy. We have the freedom to choose. We have the freedom to be what we truly want to be. We are no longer bound by the laws of Moses or God (the Father). Take every situation you encounter with the judgement of a good heart. Don't go by rules. Jesus gave us the power to figure these things out, and as long as we do so with a good heart, we shall never be in the wrong in His eyes.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Breaking the Ten Commandments (5-8)

I'm a devout Christian, but I don't associate with any of the organized rubbish. I look at the Bible myself. I see what it says to me. Even if I am wrong, I have done the work myself. And one of the conclusions I came to was that everything in the Old Testament is obsolete. The laws of Moses are now obsolete. The Ten Commandments are obsolete. We live by the ways of Jesus, and he spoke against the laws of Moses within the Gospels. This is why I am doing this. Let's continued to break the Ten Commandments.

5: Honor your father and mother.

At the time, family had much in way of educational responsibilities. This was an important rule to instill in the silly Jews who, as you know, were stupid enough to build that calf after seeing a slew of different miracles.

Today, I encourage an independent view. Your parents may be able to help you. They may not. Jesus allows us to think for ourselves now. The old rules are gone. We need to be able to hold our own. If you think your mother and father are leading you in the wrong direction, go with your heart. But please, if it's just selfishness that's guiding this action, they might be telling you something you need to hear. Everything is case-by-case now. Deal with all things accordingly. This commandment is now obsolete.

6: You shall not murder.

You need to be told not to do this? Well the Jews did. Until God came along, they likely figured killing someone was okay as long as they could get something out of it. My biggest complaint about this one though is just how it doesn't factor in situations pertaining to war. The context of it was probably assumed, but still. I have heard people cry out against soldiers fighting for our country because they are breaking the 6th commandment. It's obsolete.

7: You shall not commit adultery.

Once again, the Jews of the Old Testament were stupid. They needed a legal and binding document to tell them not to cheat on their wives, Jesus makes us free to deal with every situation based on our heart and not a book of rules. You will know when you are about to make a really horrible decision. Your love for another will be tested. Your heart will decide your fate. This commandment is obsolete.

8: You shall not steal.

If its not killing someone, its stealing from them. Those crazy Jews! This is a bit like the murder commandment in that there are reasons when stealing is all right, like in moments of war. It's context based. You have to deal with these situations by the heart. Be very thoughtful and don't let selfishness be the driving force of your decision.


Two more to go and then I'll hush up about all this. Like I said, I may be wrong, but this is my interpretation. I'll not let anyone tell me what to think. I do all my own thinking by myself. See you next time.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Breaking the Ten Commandments (1-4)

The Ten Commandments is an obsolete document written to assist a bunch of Jews who were so stupid that they needed all the help that they could get. Jesus is the new way and has publicly debunked the laws of Moses. Let's have a look at the first four.

1: You shall have no other gods before Me.

The Jews at the time were fickle creatures that would worship anything if it served their interests. It was entirely a selfish thing to them. If Satan could give them a better deal than God, they'd take it in a heartbeat. It was likely a good idea to include this one.

If you need to be told this, then you are also an idiot. This is common sense. However if you are ignorant of such things and end up worshiping Satan because you knew of no other alternative, that isn't a sin. God appreciates any sort of spiritual gumption honestly. Life was a lot harsher back in the Old Testament days. We have a lot more breathing room.

Once again, however, I can't underestimate enough why this particular commandment was really intended for stupid people. And it really is made all the more clearer when you get to the next one, which happens to be...

2: You shall make no idols.

The golden calf. Now, here is some irony. I wouldn't be surprised if God etched this one in at the last moment when he saw what they were doing. Bumped it all the way up to 2nd place too. I mean... how stupid do you have to be to need this one? After seeing a whole lot of miracles by God in the preceding days, they went right over to make and worship an idol.

For us not stupid people, we can create things and do wonderful things with our creations. We can do so in the name of Jesus. This particular commandment was to steer the real idiots away from profound idiocy. And no, I wasn't being redundant. They were pretty much idiots squared.

3: You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.

The Jews were a crazy lot who spent most of their time trying to find ways around God. They needed to be controlled and controlled harshly. This meant controlling what they could and could not say. Blasphemy here was born. It had nothing to do with God being offended but more to do with keeping a rebellious flock in line.

Today purist Christians will yell at me for saying completely innocent things like "jeez." Honestly this commandment has been taken so far out of context. Even in context, it's rubbish. God doesn't give a damn what you say or don't say. He only cares what's in your heart. This commandment is obsolete and not even intended for us. Rubbish.

4: Keep the Sabbath day holy.

I will admit that this one still bears some credence. I would only argue that the actual day it lands on should not be dictated by any group of people or the government. And what constitutes holy is also a bit abstract. There are just some aspects of Christianity that need to be protected. It doesn't mean that Sundays are holy. It means that there are particular moments in our lives that need to be honored rather than be cast away.

In the time that this commandment was written, there was a set scheduled for Sabbaths intended for the Jews. They needed this sort of babysitting. We don't. We can now choose which are the holy days. If it be Sunday, then fine. If it be Saturday, then fine. If it be Thanksgiving and Christmas, then fine. This commandment is obsolete and a relic of the Old Testament where it was much more needed.


People don't need lists. They need to be able to go with their hearts if their hearts be filled with goodness. Come on, humans. Adapt! More to come next time.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Problem with the Ten Commandments

This is something that has really been bothering me lately. For all my life, I have been taught the importance of the Ten Commandments. In may ways, this list is a sort of book within a book. People often separate it from the Bible and have it posted on walls and in court-houses where it is defended. I would happily defend it too, if anything just to stop all the Christian hate going around. But... I'm sorry to say I do not consider the Ten Commandments to be a valid document in the modern day.

Don't worry. I want to explain myself here.

I'm not here to parrot anybody's opinion. This is just a conclusion I came to recently. My problem with this document comes at multiple angles. I'll list them out and explain them for you.

1. The Ten Commandments were intended for the Jews. Another way to say this is that the Ten Commandments were intended for a bunch of idiots living at the time, These Jews were witness to a slue of miracles. The plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, food falling from the heaven, and even still, God figured they still could not cope without having some sort of list to explain the difference between right and wrong. Pathetic really, but these guys were idiots. The Golden Calf incident is proof enough of that. The Jews would have been lost without that document.

2. The Ten Commandments is obsolete. It's a document forced within the far more chaotic and harsh Old Testament. This is a pre-Jesus document. Jesus even countered the laws of Moses in a conversation with someone. And when he died, the curtain at the temple was torn in two. In my mind, that turns the Old Testament from a collection of theological laws into nothing more than a very interesting history lesson. Jesus was intended to be the new way. The Ten Commandments is the old way. Remember that God the father passed on command to his son. Jesus did no write the Ten Commandments. That was daddy.

3. The Ten Commandments is nothing but a simple list for lazy idiots. One of my problems with organized religion is that they focus too much on the organization while completely neglecting the actual Christianity. People are, more often than not, stupid. They are too stupid to understand context, nuance, or subtleties. They need a big pretty picture that they can look at so that they know how to act.

Or a list. A list is good too.

The Ten Commandments is a very simple list used by organized religion to make it very clear how people should and should not act. As if we can't figure out if we are doing wrong through context! You know what you're doing. Anyone who needs a list is inevitably going to look for loopholes anyways. The heart knows right from wrong. Use it.

So in summary, I believe that the Ten Commandments is an obsolete document that has been propped up well outside of its intended period. If you want to know right from wrong, why don't you actually try to be more than a pointless person and go out and do some good. Let your heart guide you. If you are a true believer in Christ, then you don't need that stupid list. He's the way, the truth, and the life. The Ten Commandments are not. Not even close!

On a side note, I do plan to go into this more in the future. I want to break down the Ten Commandments and explain my problems with each one and why the advent of Jesus ultimately proves its obsolescence. Stay tuned!

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Birth Defects in Demons

Now, before I begin, I want to point out something about normal human birth defects. These are very unfortunate things that sometimes happen. Biology is not perfect. Problems can occur and a human being can occasionally be left with a blight that isn't supposed to be there. That is a separate thing to what this blog is about. I am not saying that human birth defects are demonic. I just wanted to make this clear.

This blog is about a much more common thing that happens with demon hybrids. Remember back when I was talking about Leonard and his third horn? I have read a number interesting accounts of anomalies like this. The multiple tails of the kitsune. Giants with twelve toes. Probably far more debilitating is the kappa with his entirely open head and exposed brain. What the heck is wrong with these creatures?!

I got to wondering about that. I started to realize that these demons were being subjected to some fairly nasty birth defects. This is likely the result of them being abominations to begin with. Let me explain.

Demons don't just exist. They also aren't little creatures living in Hell, waiting for their master, Satan, to let them out into the world. Demons are the result of an angel, usually a fallen angel, having sex with something living on this earth. The resulting offspring is a demon.

Now, as the fiery entities of the cosmos are not supposed to be breeding with mortal creatures like us, the result can sometimes be a bit of a mix-up. You can get some pretty weird-looking folk. Odd-looking man/animal hybrids displaying the realistic features of both creatures in the same body. The blend is often faulty and imperfect. This is where the birth defects are notable.

You have to understand that a lot of people in fairy lore don't really understand the true nature of demons. They are our fairy folk after all. We saw them as creatures from another world and must be revered as being the mysterious creatures that they are. And I've always been the first to encourage people to respect them anyhow. Don't be a jerk just because of what they really are.

But a lot of these odd bodily anomalies are really just results of the mistake that was their untimely birth. Ironically these maladies were often seen as some sort of beauty mark. When the Japanese look upon a nine-tailed kitsune, they gasp in awe as the pretty tails flutter about. And they are pretty! Even I think that. But those pretty tails are still the result of an abomination in progress.

The third horn of Leonard and the twelve toes of the giants are a bit easier to understand--especially with the giants who did not often get along with people. The third horn of Leonard might still, perhaps, be sold as some sort of beauty. It seems right up his ally to pitch it in that way.

These surprisingly common birth defects signify that the fallen angels were dong something extremely uncouth. The demons themselves are selfsame proof of their own blasphemy... yet... what happened... happened. They did walk the earth... some still do.

I want you all to take this more of evidence of a concept. It's there to let us know something is consistently not normal about demons. There is no reason you can't like it or find beauty in it. Just understand what it is. That's all I'm trying to encourage here.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Silenus

Stumbled across this one. A species of man/horse hybrids from the time of Ancient Greece. The creature was called Silenus and may have had similar counterparts. A demon, of course.

The term Silenus seems to be referring to an actual man-creature who was one of these man-horse hybrids. The most famous one seems to have been a personal adviser to Dionysus himself. That's pretty good! He did well for hismelf. But there is also a reference to the plural form of his name: sileni. This seems to refer to others of his kind and was later discontinued to pay homage to the more famous adviser to a local god.

If the point of the former paragraph is not perfectly clear: I am saying that, although there was a famous man-horse hybrid named Silenus, his species as a whole was called the Sileni or Silen. [I've seen it done both ways in my research.]

Unlike the Cynocephaly and the goat-headed man (such as Leonard), Silenus and his kind looked far more human. Imagine a large burly human man but with horse ears and a tail. The rest of the body is still normal, albeit very broad and strong. And I am sorry to say, if you were wondering at all, I can't find anything about him having a large... part between his legs. All the records I found show it to be fairly underwhelming compared to that of a proper horse.

Maybe the latter was why he always seems to get piss drunk all the time! There are a lot of accounts of him drinking until he can't even move anymore. Satyrs and donkeys would have to work together to carry him away. Poor guy. Although this part does also account for how large he must have been in stature. His physique was still based on a horse which made him large and heavy.

It seems that the famous Silenus suffered from terrible depression... like massively, intense depression that would lead any mortal man to swift suicide. From his position as a rare-form demon, he considered life itself to be one of the most miserable existences imaginable. A famous line made by Silenus, while acting as a slave for the Phrygian King Midas, reads, "...the best thing for a man is not to be born, and if already born, to die as soon as possible."

This antinatalist viewpoint is heavily expanded on in this passage written by Aristotle:

"You, most blessed and happiest among humans, may well consider those blessed and happiest who have departed this life before you, and thus you may consider it unlawful, indeed blasphemous, to speak anything ill or false of them, since they now have been transformed into a better and more refined nature. This thought is indeed so old that the one who first uttered it is no longer known; it has been passed down to us from eternity, and hence doubtless it is true. Moreover, you know what is so often said and passes for a trite expression. What is that, he asked? He answered: It is best not to be born at all; and next to that, it is better to die than to live; and this is confirmed even by divine testimony. Pertinently to this they say that Midas, after hunting, asked his captive Silenus somewhat urgently, what was the most desirable thing among humankind. At first he could offer no response, and was obstinately silent. At length, when Midas would not stop plaguing him, he erupted with these words, though very unwillingly: 'you, seed of an evil genius and precarious offspring of hard fortune, whose life is but for a day, why do you compel me to tell you those things of which it is better you should remain ignorant? For he lives with the least worry who knows not his misfortune; but for humans, the best for them is not to be born at all, not to partake of nature's excellence; not to be is best, for both sexes. This should be our choice, if choice we have; and the next to this is, when we are born, to die as soon as we can.' It is plain therefore, that he declared the condition of the dead to be better than that of the living."

It doesn't sound like he was very happy with either himself or us. It also smacks of him not being in control of really anything at the end. He may have been placed in a high spot of sorts, but I think Silenus was under no dissolution of who and what he was... and what that ultimately ment. Silenus was a bitter and jaded demon who is still very much alive today in some form. And he hates everything. He truly hates everything... and he wants it all to die. He wants you and everyone... to die.

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