Monday, December 30, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Rainbow Connection (Lyric Analysis)

One of my favorite songs ever is "Rainbow Connection" written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher. It was written for 1979's The Muppet Movie. Since then it has been covered by a number of artists. My favorite group to sing this song was the Carpenters. But despite who you may find singing it, it is the amazing lyrics which really sell it for me. I want to take a moment to examine them. Let's have a look.

Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows
And what's on the other side
Rainbows are visions
They're only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide
So we've been told and some chose to
Believe it
But I know they're wrong wait and see

Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

I am pretty sure there is an Oz reference happening here. Although rainbows have been used in fairy lore since... forever basically. And even though I do not know a whole lot of rainbow songs, I am sure there are plenty.

The song poignantly asks the question of why rainbows are even interesting at all. After all, they are just illusions. They are not actually there. Why would humans even care about something that isn't there. People have always noticed illusions and seen more than is really there. Fata Morgana is a good example of this.

Fata Morgana is an illusion that tricks the mind into thinking an island is forming off the coast. There is not really any land out there, but the mind says otherwise. In ancient times, people thought this to be a forbidden fairy land they were seeing. With rainbows, we have thought similar things. Where does it end? What exists at the end of it? Is it another land or some sort of treasure. The human imagination is a crazy thing sometimes.

This part of the song out rightly points out that the rainbow is an illusion, but then suggests that there may be more to is based on what the imagination of humans have concocted. There's nothing wrong with this. It's just how we work.

The short chorus of the first selection, which is repeated a couple more times, shows that the singer wants to prove that there is a truth to all this, and that the truth is profound in its effect on the world around us. Let's have a look at the next stanza:

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it's done so far
What's so amazing
That keeps us star gazing
What so we think we might see

Someday we'll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me

Once again, the writing of this song is questioning everything the song is about. Who came up with all this? Who started this whole thing called "imagination"? Somebody thought of it and another believed it. And what has it done so far? It's called progress!

I often bring up the Star Trek phenomenon. The old "flip-style" communicators inspired our flip phones. And later on, our smart phones greatly resembled the LCARS touch screens from The Next Generation. Popular fiction breeds new ideas and ultimately advances the world around us in a forward motion.

Also, the very object of looking up at the stars causes us to wonder what is out there. That leads to actual space programs. But before we have a space program, we make movies about alien worlds and the aliens that live there. The aliens may not even be true, but we are so driven to find out that progress occurs anyways. Imagination breeds fiction, and fiction breeds reality. It all comes true eventually.

Last stanza:

Have you been fast asleep
And have you heard voices,
I've heard them calling my name,
Is this the sweet sound that calls
The young sailors,
The voice might be one and the same.
I've heard it too many times to ignore it
It's something that i'm supposed to be,

Someday we'll find it
The rainbow connection...
The lovers, the dreamers and me

This part always strikes me as a little spooky, but it isn't really as spooky as it feels. It seems like there is a voice out there that is calling us sometimes, but it isn't so much a spirit as it is a drive within all of us to be more than we started off as. Imagination is a driving force for us to explore, create, and add to this world. We can either accept it or ignore it. We are here to do stuff. That's all there is to it.

The Carpenters version of this song had two extra lines which take place right before the last stanza. Here they are:

All of us under its spell
We know that it's probably magic

Well, yes. It is magic. It is the magic of imagination. The idea that unworldly concepts can lead to new creations is magic in motion. We are not supposed to ignore this. It's who we are. If you throw that away, then you are a pointless person. Imagine, use your talents, and add to this world. Never take away from it. That is the meaning of life.

While you are here have a listen to the Carpenter's version of "Rainbow Connection."

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Imagine a Pagan Christmas

Imagine a world that has just barely survived extinction. The world was nearly drowned in a Great Flood, and only a handful of people survived it.

Imagine a man dressed in red who has proclaimed himself the moral leader of the world. You know him as Nimrod. Nimrod promises you great things for a price. You must only follow the orders that he gives you.

Imagine Nimrod as a very notable person who rides about the earth on a deer. He smiles a lot and makes great promises that cause you to feel very warm inside.

Imagine going out and cutting down a tree. You put the tree inside your house and set candles upon it. Nimrod has asked that you do this for him. This is the moral and right thing to do, so you do it to please him. Nimrod always rewards those who please him.

Imagine the magic of that beautiful morning. Presents are all about the tree. Things you wanted dearly are there for you to take. You did a good thing making the tree offering to Nimrod.

Imagine the family who did not perform the ceremony correctly. Not enough candles... the wrong tree... Perhaps they did not do it at all. The shame! Did they not wish to give glory to the one who promised them such wonderful things?

Imagine the moment when a large and nasty horned beast makes its way into this family's home. He is the satyr prince. You know him as Baphomet. To his victims, he is the Krampus. The Krampus is here to take what his master Nimrod was rejected.

Imagine this large creature picking up your first born child and putting him into a sack. He may take more than one of your children if he feels like it. He then leaves with them, and you never get to see them again.

Imagine the things that the Krampus will do to your children. Or maybe you shouldn't. It may be better to forget those things. It may be best to only imagine nice and happy things. Go cut down the right tree. Put up the proper amount of candles, and set them right. Sing out songs of joy to the deer-riding Nimrod. Do these things for the sake of your future children, because the children you lost are never coming back.

Imagine if all these things were true today... and be very happy... that they aren't.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Fear the Woodsman

When you sit down and read a Grimm, Andersen, or Perrault fairy tail, you are probably reading something that has been passed down from person to person for many generations until it ultimately took the form of the story you are presently reading. In ancient times, people saw things that they had difficulty explaining. Even if they did understand it, the later generations would not identify with it in the same way. Tales often originated from strange stories of humans encountering otherworldly beings. There is a stroke of truth still hidden in them which is why we find them so endearing.

As these stories continued to persist, they were often filtered through the cultural political correctness of the day and also softened for children. I have many times rejected the Woodsman character from Little Red Riding-Hood for his contrived entry as a means to keep children from getting upset. He was never there in the older versions and does not need to be there now. Little Red dies. She always dies. There was never a chance of rescue after being masticated by the Big Bad Wolf.

Although it may have come earlier, I am more familiar with the Woodsman's entry in the Grimm version. It really doesn't belong there. It defeats the purpose of the tale by adding a random encounter with a hero who isn't even introduced until that point. The original story is more about prevention. The Woodsman turns the story into the act of hoping for blind luck. You can still entertain the Wolf, because there is a chance you'll make it. This is ridiculous.

Fiction is always at its best when it is completely honest with both itself and its audience. When you alter a story to make certain audiences more comfortable, it turns it into something trivial. You can get about the same entertainment by just downing a sedative and going to sleep. These works of fiction ignore the actual dangers of the world and focus on silly things that don't matter.

Fiction was never meant to have an agenda. It was meant to tell entertaining stories. If the stories are honest in their portrayal, it provides insight. People learn about themselves and the world around them from that inspiration. They can even add to it. If the story forces a narrative based on an agenda, it always shows. People know when it's happening and will either out rightly reject it... or just accept it along with a very mediocre and pointless view of the world around them.

The Woodsman's only purpose is to make a very clear evil... unclear. He comes in and blurs reality so that nothing is certain. And once nothing is certain, you may be opening your mind to a forced narrative. In reality, the Woodsman is merely a tool for evil people trying to change reality and make it far more uninteresting. It promotes cynicism. And once the Woodsman has you in his grasp, he will be more than happy to feed you to his pet Wolf.

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"Got a light?"

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Mad Scientist

I have seen a number of movies and TV shows which dealt with these crazy scientists who throw rules and regulations to the wind and strike out in the name of scientific progression! These men do so with little regard for the lives of others and break every rules of civility in order to get the job done. What can I say... I love 'em.

The most common of these scenarios has the scientist moving to his own island or some out of the way place where nobody ever wants to go. It can even be an old house that most people consider haunted. But deep inside lurks his dark secrets (usually behind a secret wall panel or something).

The concept of the mad scientist is that he has been shunned by the scientific community for simply not regulating his ideas enough. Whenever he gets a theory, he immediately wants to test it out. If someone gets hurt in the process, he sees them as a martyr for the scientific cause. Ultimately it's this behavior that gets him shunned, but that isn't enough to stop him from doing his work.

Whenever I see movies of this nature, I usually find myself siding with the scientist. I actually want him to succeed. The world might even be better for it. But these movies often pitch them as the villain and insert a hero to take him down before he causes more trouble. I always get just a little upset when he ultimately falls to his own hideous creations.

Even in my most favorite movie of all time, The Black Hole, Reinhardt had genuinely proven himself to be a genius and an innovator. And there is even a vague possibility that he could have made the trip through the Black Hole if not thwarted by the protagonists.

Easily, none of these men are particularly good people. In fact, they are outright evil. But God doesn't look down on people for simply being evil. He only despises the lukewarm. At the very least, these men gave it their all. And I still can't help but root for them in every movie I encounter them.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Sword and the Dragon

I recently watched a rather charming fairy tale film called The Sword and the Dragon. It is a 1963 American dub of a 1859 Russian film called Ilya Muromets. The American dub does not stray too far away from the Russian script and I found this story to be a lot of fun.

The story is loosely based off of a Russian epic poem about a brave and blustery man named Ilya Muromets. He wields a magic sword and goes about performing good deeds and saving innocents.  He is a very loud and proud sort of fellow who always says what's on his mind. This is probably the main reason the movie is so much fun. Just to hear him yell out insults and carry on in his bold way is a joy to behold.

There were a lot of wonderful fairy tale tropes in the film. The sword he used actually belonged to another hero named Svyatogor who had lived such a good life that he was allowed to die upon his horse and never fall to the ground. He was turned to stone to remain a monument of himself for eternity. How awesome is that?

There is also a wind demon known as Nightingale the Robber who was a lot of fun. Ilya had to best him early on in the film. The movie did a good job showing how evil and powerful this creature was. And they are correct in referring to him as a demon.

There is also a three-headed dragon... which I am sure they did their very best to animate. God bless them. It was the 50's and it was the Soviet Union. It was still cool though. I mean, they got it to breath fire and everything.

The main antagonist of the film is a Tugar named Kalin. Ilyad spends a good portion of the film dealing with him, but this is where things get a bit weird. Dealing with the demon was very quick and satisfying. But when dealing with the Tugars, Ilyad seems intent on employing some really complicated plans with many steps to them when it seems it would be easier to just fight him. Must be a Russian thing.

Either way, it was a lot of fun to watch. It is always neat to look into fairy tales from countries that don't normally get exhibited. Fairy tales comes from every single area of the world. There's a lot of them out there, and we can learn from all of them.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Mouse, The Bird, and the Sausage

I almost decided not to post this story here. I read it about four times and a few times in part. I'm still a little perplexed by it. I think that some old fairy tales can sometimes have character changes or plot tweaks as it gets lost in the whirlpool known as oral tradition. But wow. I don't even know what to say about this story.

Anyways, here it is. Maybe you can make something of it. I present to you the fairy tale known as The Mouse, The Bird, and the Sausage:

A mouse, a bird, and a sausage all lived together in a beautiful cottage in the woods. Each housemate had a specific job—the bird flew out into the forest to collect wood, the mouse carried water and lit the fireplace, and the sausage cooked dinner. Working together like this, they were able to lead a comfortable, if weird, life.

One day, while collecting wood in the forest, the bird met an old friend who ridiculed the bird for working so hard while the sausage and the mouse got to stay at home all day doing nothing. He argued that all the mouse had to do was put the fire on and that the sausage only had to sit at the stove all day until the porridge was ready. The bird agreed. Instead of going out to work the next day, he told his friends that he didn’t want to be their slave anymore and that if they wanted any wood they would have to go out themselves to get it.

The mouse and sausage were surprised, but agreed to try swapping jobs, with the sausage going into the forest to collect wood. However, the sausage did not return the next day and the bird had to go out and look for him. Soon, he came across a dog carrying the sausage in his mouth. The bird begged him to let the sausage go, but the dog refused, claiming that the sausage had been carrying forged papers and killing it instead. To make matters worse, the bird returned home to find that in trying to cook the mouse had jumped into the pot and boiled to death. Enraged, the bird threw the wood all about the house, causing the building to catch fire. Trying to put the blaze out, the bird somehow managed to knock himself down a well, where he drowned.

The End.


The point of it is probably to convey the problems when one in a group gets lazy, forcing the others to take on more work. And that is well represented by the comical chaos that ensues in the story. And to be honest, I can understand a mouse and a bird working together... but what the heck is with the sausage?

Anyways, that's all I got. I hope you enjoyed the insanity. RIP, little mouse.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Is Oz Real?

I often make references to the realities of old fairy tales and try to find their basis in ancient lore. I look at fairies and attempt to determine their origins as real and solid creatures who existed in our past. So most of the research material are taken from European fairy tales or the Bible.

L. Frank Baum's Oz is often considered a truly American fairy tail. It isn't the first, but it was the one that got the most popular. In many ways, it surpassed even the European tales. This was mainly because Oz, in reality, belonged to us. They were our tales, and we were to cherish them as a personal matter.

Especially after the 1939 film, Oz became a great source of imagination for both children and adults. And if you were to read the books, it wouldn't stop there. There is a lot to genuinely love about the Oz stories. Even to this day, the books are adapted to movies and children's cartoons. It probably will go on forever.

But Oz is not ancient. It only came into existence in the year of 1900. Before that year, nobody--and I mean NOBODY--knew anything about Oz. So how can Oz be based on anything real if it so obviously came after all the stories that were the cornerstones of the worldwide fairy lore? Heck, it was even written after the Grimm stories, which can technically still be considered modern in the grand scheme of things.

My personal opinion on the realities of Oz is that the actual country of Oz does not exist in the same way that it is depicted in the books. But there is a lot mentioned in his books that seem to ring true. Fairies are represented very well, in fact. They seem to exist on a slightly elevated mental plane than the human characters do. They do things based on their nature, which is correct.

His understanding of good and evil is also very well delivered. I am reminded of his villain Ugu the Shoemaker who committed evil acts purely because he believed anyone else would have done do if given the power he had. And that latter example makes sense when you consider what opportunists fairy people tend to be.

Good characters such as Glinda act appropriately like angels. They serve the other faeries and the humans for their own protection. The princess Ozma, being a young fairy girl, exhibits the childlike whimsy of a pixie while still being somewhat sociopathic in the way she deals with ruling her nation. Everything is very well created and told.

If Baum suffers on any one thing, he sometimes go a little overboard on how magic works. He makes it a little bit overpowered to the point that, if anyone uses it, it tends to just cause chaos. At least he follows through with it! But some aspects of the way he does magic is still relevant to how real magic works, so I think his heart was in the right place.

All in all, I think Oz is not a real place, but the concept of it is surprisingly plausible as a fairy world. It is conceivable that a number of the fairy characters found in Oz could have real life counterparts. Baum was a student of Grimm and Andersen, so he likely wanted to make his own worlds in a way that made sense to him. And if we can take anything front this, L. Frank Baum really did give America its very own beloved fairy tale... and God bless him for it.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: God the Son

Always the third one to mention, as far as my normal brain processes will allow, the Son of God is ultimately the one we truly need to look to when things come down to it. The other two are important, and we should recognize them and their respective personalities. But who is Jesus?

Jesus is probably the manliness man you will ever know. He inherited the strength of will of his Father and the compassion of the Holy Spirit and became something that we just don't see enough of in this age: Stoicism. Jesus was the very definition of a stoic. It shows in everything he said and did.

Jesus was also a very independent person. All the choices in the world belonged to him, and there was one point where he could have done anything at all--even become a very evil man. Very few people in history have been given that opportunity: the absolute ability to choose. And what did he choose? He chose us.

Some might say that it wasn't a very good choice. By choosing us, he allowed himself to be killed by the same people who would give him anything he wanted. But then, he was fine with that. In quiet repose, he made his decision and accepted the consequences. And what makes this even stranger... is that he actually wanted to do the opposite.

It all comes down to the part of the story where he was tempted in the wilderness. He was tempted. There is no mistaking that language. Jesus wanted to sate his own desires. He wanted to give everything up to be happy. Jesus was a man who liked all the same things most hedonists and pagans did. They were tempting and lovely to think about. But like I said... he had a choice... and what he chose was to give that same choice to every human on the planet.

Jesus is the way. It was his way to choose, and so the same choice falls upon us. There was no need for the ways of the Old Testament anymore. There was no need for the temple after the curtain was ripped. All that was left were human beings... with a choice--follow the ways of an independent and stoic man, or just continue in the way it had always been: following a crowd, searching for your own happiness at the expense of others, ultimately just conforming to the great nothing that has been the human race.

And to think all you had to do was just try something a little different.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: God the Holy Spirit

Have you ever met someone that simply can't figure anything out? You try and try to teach them stuff, even simple things, but they can't seem to grasp the concepts? Yet for some reason they seem to take to their own things with perfection? Additionally have you met someone with an iron clad routine and a resolve to match it? Someone who lives in a fixed manner and shall likely never break from it for the whole of his life on this planet?

Ladies and gentleman, I want you to gaze and behold the absolute nature of the Holy Spirit. I use the word "absolute" because it is sadly the person's go-word for everything he is and shall ever embrace. And I know what you may be wondering... are any of us absolute? No, we are not. Humans are not intended to be absolute. We were fashioned after the Father who seems to be a raging, dancing loony bird. We are creatures of whimsy and silliness. We are not absolute. But the Holy Spirit, this mysterious Mr. Nobody, is.

In many ways, the Holy Spirit has the biggest stick-in-the-butt personality of anyone you will ever meet. He will bend neither to the right nor the left. He is who he is and he is absolute in his nature. In his purest form, he does not even acknowledge his own existence. And best of all, now that he can thanks to the Father, he doesn't like anything about you.

And that is probably the most bitter pill to swallow. We, as humans, are very social, friendly, huggy sorts of people at our best. But sadly, if you thought the Holy Spirit is going to like you for it, understand that he has already formed an opinion of you en mass. He doesn't like you. He will never like you. Nothing you can ever do will convince him. He is a man that prefers his own council, and you are not invited into it.

But fear not. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. For despite the near inability to relate to the Holy Spirit's shortcomings, it must be said that he is the very breath and life of the concepts known as freedom, justice, friendship, and compassion. You have these things because of him. And that's good, right? You should be thankful, right? Free will is great, right?! From our perspective, we relish these things. But what about the Holy Spirit? What about his perspective?

In actually, the Holy Spirit is the friend and companion to the Father, entirely against his will. His own obsessive compulsion to freedom and friendship locks him into the Father's agenda. But creepily, it is his compulsion to compassion and justice which leads him to want to murder every one of us... for our own good.

Don't get me wrong, there are some of us who deserve it. But... to him... we are all either suffering or horrible... and deserve to be snuffed out or damned. But the Father has politely requested that he does not do this, for he wishes to sort them out in his own way, but there will come a day where the suffering will end... and the damned will be punished... and all will be done to sate the anger of the Holy Spirit... who never really wanted to be a part of this at all.

In truth, he just wanted to be left alone... sleeping under that bridge in an unknown country... and on some days, when the urge would suite him, he would dance about in the warm snow.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: God the Father

Look into the Old Testament once in a while. That was the domain of God the Father. He was a crazy old man who was under the false impression that we were all ants meant to be squished the very moment we crawl onto the wrong half-eaten apple. This guy took no prisoners when he retaliated, but he did take a lot of pleasure in it. He was filled with joy and laughter at the very idea of just messing something up. If this sounds to be in error, read about Samson sometime.

God was whimsy in its purest form. He just did whatever popped into his head whether it was a good idea or a bad one. And thank goodness for him that he was God or else he'd have to answer for it. If humans had any power over him, they'd be lynching him on the very first infraction.

Unfortunately for the poor mortals, all the ridiculous actions of God were as righteous as the very word can possibly entail. Everything God did was right and just for the soul reason of that he was God and that any descent on opinion could easily be wiped off by unzipping his pants and taking the world's biggest piss.

And you may think that I am being incredibly horrible and blasphemous when I say these thing about him. But I'm not. I actually adore him. I even love him. God the Father is freaking awesome. I've practically molded my life after the divine aspect of Leroy Jenkins.

The problem so many humans have is that they are always so afraid to do... anything. They are either afraid of ruing their lives or others. And so nothing gets done. We are all being regulated down into barely moving creatures with no lives of any meaning. God the Father... was anything but that.

Nope! God the Father was not bound by any rule or principle. If he had an idea, he'd enact it. He would pour every effort into doing that one thing... until he got bored of it. And yes, people suffered. So many of them suffered. But that's okay. No, it really is. Things got done because of him. Stuff happened. The world went on to new and amazing things. God the Father is the flow of the universe. The world turns because he got bored and decided to give it a spin.

If you are the type of person who just doesn't care and wants to just drive forward in whatever way you can... then you are likened to the personality of the Father! Just a fair warning though: Everyone will get seriously angry at you. Like all the time. I go through friends like water in a bucket full of holes. Holy crap.

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The painting is called "The Ancient of Days" by William Blake. I just really like it.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: A Trinity of Personalities

A common misunderstanding many Christians have about the Holy Trinity is that all three of them are all the same person in different forms. If that were true, there would hardly be a point to even handing off the number 3 at all. It would just be one fellow doing all the things that God does. But no, God is not just one person. There are three people up there, and they are extremely different from one another.

But hold on there, T.K.! If God really is three completely distinct individuals, does that mean that Christianity is not monotheistic after all? That is a good question and one that has me banging my head against the wall quite often. But here is the best way to look at it: Three individuals locked into a single agenda. In that sense, 3 becomes 1 and 1 inevitably is still 3. So yes... The Trinity is one thing in the sense that they are all working towards the same ultimate goal--that goal being the promotion of the human race and a rather small, insignificant matter of dealing with a rouge angel that was really no threat to begin with.

I do find it important, however, that you all have a complete understanding of who these three completely separate individuals are. I'll give it to you in brief and then follow it up with three other entirely separate blogs all dealing with who these deities really are. Let's list them out, shall we?

1. God the Father

Something akin to someone's crazy old grandpa who, even at one hundred and two, still persists that he is perfectly capable of doing all the physically magical things that all the young people are doing. And where that may be true, one might argue that he shouldn't. If you've ever come across an elderly fellow driving in the wrong lane while countless people swerve away from him to avoid a head-on collision, then you may know where I am coming from.

God the Father has everything stacked in his favor too. If he does hit you with his car, he'll be just fine while you're flatter than the flattest pancake. He is extremely impulsive, refuses to listen to anyone (unless he develops a fondness for them), and he is about as rude, crude, and ridiculous as he can be. All by human standards, mind you. But hey! I would argue that's what makes him so endearing!

2. God the Holy Spirit

This fellow isn't usually mentioned secondly, but my train of thought usually flows to him next. Even if the other order is more correct, I always found Jesus to be the last one in line, waiting his turn. So let's just pay the old Holy Ghost a visit first.

If you want to know what order is, have a look at the Holy Spirit. He has a particular thing he likes. He won't be persuaded otherwise. He also has a routine that cannot be broken, and he shan't be shamed for any of it!

The Holy Spirit values absolutism in all things. If something is not absolute, he dislikes it very much. He has a stick much longer than a mile up in his ass, and nobody should dare pull it out. This stick was there since the beginning of eternity, and that probably means it is intended to stay there.

He also dislikes you. He just does. No, flowers won't help you here. Just go home and give up on it.

But what the Holy Spirit lacks in charisma, he makes up for it in compassion and friendship. If he aligns with someone, he will do everything in his power to uplift that person even to his own detriment. He will never forsake someone in need, but really... he'd rather you just die... or simply cease existing. It would just be easier that way... for all parties involved really.

3. God the Son

Jesus! You know him. He's pretty much the pinnacle of the Bible. Everything rather landed on his shoulders there at the end. With Jesus, we find a magical balance between the OCD of the Holy Spirit and the impulsiveness of the Father. Yet he borrows all the good qualities from both.

Jesus really is stoicism in its purest form. There is both a strength and calmness to him happening all at once. He is manly and forthright in his dealings with others. It is easy to feel safe around him at all times--something amiss from the other two parts of the Trinity. A strong man who is calm in spirit with the will to put himself out there and make things happen is much similar to Jesus.

Spoiler alert: I'm nothing like him. I tend to lean closer to Daddy.

Come back in the coming weeks and I'll go more in depth about who these people are. Yes, it will all be a bit of a rehash, but I just want to be clear on all fronts. Besides... who else bothers to talk about stuff like this?

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: A Tall Tale (A True Story)

As the title of this story suggests, it is a true story. It is also a story about me and it is very brief. So you won't be reading it for very long. In any case, you should do your best to take it very seriously, as you may be tempted not to.

When I was very, very young, and also very short, I had a toy that I was very fond of. It was a laser gun that went pew pew! It even lit up and stuff when you pulled the trigger. I had a lot of fun with this laser gun, but I guess my parents didn't like it very much.

One day, I must have been especially noisy, or bad, or something. Whatever was the cause, they took it away from me. I was very sad about this and cried as they took it away and through the house. I saw my dad put it on the highest shelf of the foyer closet. And I really do mean high. I was just a tiny thing. There was no way I was getting up there!

I jumped and stood on things, but seriously, I was freaking small. It wasn't happening. That gun was gone. And it didn't look like my parents were going to give it back to me. So I realized I needed a plan... a plan so sneaky, so brilliant, so unexpected that my parents or any other parents would be totally baffled by its complexity.

I decided... to get taller.

Of course, this was a very slow plan. I actually couldn't just shoot up. I had to work at it slowly. So at least for a time, I had to let my favorite toy go and focus on growing up. Years went by. I went to school. I went to church. I did all the things kids did as they slowly grew taller and taller. And, boy, was I growing taller. But it never seemed to be tall enough to get to that ungodly high shelf.

It took me ten years. TEN YEARS! But I knew when the day finally came. I had been painstakingly measuring myself on the wall of my bedroom. With a little help from a stool, I was sure I could get that toy back. So I waited for a day where I could be alone in the house. I grabbed a stool and placed it at the open closet in the foyer.

My plan was almost complete! TEN YEARS. It was time. It was finally time. I crawled up onto that wobbly stool. I reached up into that crowded top shelf. I had a good idea of where it was. I totally remembered where my dad put it.

It wasn't there.

I got down and moved the stool a little so I could check the other parts. I dug around like crazy. I really wanted it back!

It wasn't there.

I became frantic! I started pulling things off the shelf. It wasn't there! It wasn't there at all. My laser gun was gone! What happened?!

When my parents got back, I asked them what they did with my laser gun! Can you believe they had no idea what I was talking about?! I described it and everything! NOTHING! IT'S LIKE IT NEVER EXISTED!

To this very day, I wonder... just wonder... what the heck happened to that wonderful noisy toy of mine. I still see it in that one part of that one closet. I see my dad putting it there. I just... don't understand... how it disappeared like that,

Oh, and on a side note, I'm 6 foot 4 now.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: My Amazing First Memory

Everyone has a first memory. I find it pretty hilarious when I ask someone what their first memory is, and they reply with, "I can't remember it." Not sure they got the point.

My very first memory is extremely magical. I was probably still an infant. At the very least, I was young enough to still be cradled in my mother's arms. I was aware enough to know that the woman cradling me was actually my mother too, as that part of the memory is very clear.

So in this memory--this amazing, magical first memory--my mother was carrying me to the front door of my house. She opens it up and directs me to look up into the bright and sunny daytime sky. We had a lot of trees around the house, so I remember those too. I could still see much of the sky despite the canopy.

Now at this point in the memory--my very first one, by the way--my mother expresses that she is about to show me something amazing. And a moment later, she does. Somehow, beyond belief, my mother, single-handedly, turned the sun off. CLICK! Like a light switch. One moment the sun was shining bright, and in the next, it was night time.

This was SO AMAZING! I have like the COOLEST MOTHER EVER! Can YOUR mom turn off the sun? I DON'T THINK SO!

But just when I thought that was all she could do, my mother instantly switches the sun back on. WOW! She can do it BOTH WAYS! Seriously, there is a reason this is my first memory. How could I possibly have forgotten this?! My mother has the power to literally alter day and night cycles. That little bump in my brain was definitely never getting ironed out.

Of course, now that I look back on it, I did find out that there was a full solar eclipse in the early 80's. So I guess the phenomenon can be better explained now that I am much older. After all, who knew my own mother had the power to cause eclipses?! She's so cool!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Defending the Bible as a Fairy Tale

I'll keep this brief. I know there is an urge to over-repeat something when you really wanna hammer something in. But I want to just state the facts as they are. And here they are:

1: A fairy tale is a story, fiction or otherwise, with fairies in it and may contain other notable aspects created by fairies such as talking animals.

2: Fairies are supernatural beings that can be either fallen angels or the offspring of fallen angels (known as demons).

3: The bible contains a large number of notable moments where humans have made contact, both direct and indirect, with creatures to whom we later refereed to as fairies.

4: The Bible contains two notable talking animals communicating with human characters (Lucifer as a snake and Balaam's donkey).

5: There is nothing about the term "fairy tale" that suggests that it must be a work of fiction.

I consider the Bible to be a true account of things that really happened on this planet. I consider many of these strange things to be extant. There was a time when fairy tales were a way of life for us. We grew cynical and refuse to see them as anything more than mere fiction. The Bible is a true fairy tale. That's all I have to say on the matter.

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Weirdly this image was made to debunk the Bible, but I kinda like it.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Anput

Wait... did Anubis have a wife? I'm so confused. I randomly ran into this cynocephaly woman by the name of Anput. I had a little difficulty tracking down information on her. But apparently she was the wife of Anubis.

Or was she?

A lot of the information online about Anput is that she was simply the feminine form of Anubis. I worried that this was just people making a female form of a popular character from ancient stories. The reason I feel this way is because she seems to have the exact same position as Anubis, that being the god of the mysteries of embalming.

One source told me that she merely assisted Anubis in this task. I don't know about you but I find that very sweet. It may have been all business for them, but there is a familial sweetness to a husband and wife working the same job. That's cool.

Another thing that confuses me about the lore is that some drawings has Anput as a human female. I mean... which is she? There is a possibility that she was female and wore an outfit that resembled a jackal. Some of the records suggest this. Nevertheless, it's hard to nail down what the truth really was.

One thing that was confirmed is that Anubis fathered a daughter by the name of Kebechet. She was a human woman with the head of a snake. Anput is often cited as the mother. I think, at this point in my research, my headache got a little bit too much, and I had to draw back for a while and let a lot of this settle.

The whole thing really does make me curious. I ask myself if Anubis really did fall in love or if it was a marriage of convenience. Was she really human or another cynocephaly? How was it that their child was so strange? I don't have the answers to these things, but I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter. Who and what was Anput? I'd really like to know.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: What Remains of Edith Finch

I found out about "What Remains of Edith Finch" in 2019 after checking to see if Giant Sparrow made any more games after "The Unfinished Swan." Turns out I already owned it. It was a freebie given to me for being a member of the PlayStation Plus service. I went ahead and replayed the first game as a refresher. Loved it all over again. And then... it was time to play their new 2017 game.

I did not really know anything about "What Remains of Edith Finch." I went into it with a fresh view, only thinking about what they were able to accomplish before, but not knowing anything about what was to come. What I ended up finding was a sincere progression of the theme but delivered in an entirely new way.

"What Remains of Edith Finch" follows a young adult woman as she explores her childhood house. A strange place right out of the pages of a Lemony Snicket story. Apparently the Finch family was full of creatives. They all painted, sculpted, wrote, acted, built... dreamed... imagined... loved. Every one of them was an artist and seemed to yearn to exist within their creations... maybe more than was healthy.

There was another issue with this huge family: They had a very real tendency to die. In fact... by the time the game started, Edith was the only one of them left. The family believed that they had a curse on them. It got so bad that all the children were sealed into their rooms for their lives to prevent accidents. But what do you do to stop an imagination so large and powerful that it threatens to run away with you?

A lot of the deaths seemed like just accidents. That's how they were reported. But the truth of the matter was that the Finches were all desperate to escape from reality. The one boy did not jump off a cliff; he flew... be cause he dreamed of flying.

Every single dead member of the Finch family left something behind. Not only their memory but the whole of who they were through their artwork. And through their imaginings, we get to experience who they were within their creative minds, and not just a tale of someone who slipped and fell or committed suicide in the name of leaving to a better place. This was a family of dreamers, and the game allows you to see them for who they believed they were... and maybe they really were those things.

Now the most interesting part of the game came by way of Milton Finch. They were hinting at him throughout the game. He was the most curious because nobody ever found his body when he died. Well as it turns out, Milton created a magic paintbrush that took him to a world of his own creation. From there, he became a king that designed the world to his own liking. Yes, Milton was the king from "The Unfinished Swan." And if you know the story, he did not really die.

The fact that Milton lived makes me question the supposed deaths of the other family members. Did they really find the worlds they were looking for? Was their "death" their strange way of moving on to their own personal frequencies? The game presents a very fun fairy tale question. I can't help but wonder if this wonderful family was able to find the happiness they deserved.

Sadly, the game ends on the same unfinished note as their previous. But at the same time, this game ultimately completes "The Unfinished Swan." So I can't help but wonder what story their third game will tell. I want to dive deeper into the mind of the artist. I want to see the worlds they create. I want to sink deep into their imaginations and see their mastery at work. Most of all, I want them to live forever within their creations. I feel similarly about my own creations. This world is so boring and silly. What we need is a bit of crazy. A bit of whimsy. What we need is a fairy tale.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Unfinished Swan

I want to stop for a bit and talk about a game company that had become very endeared to me over the last 5 years. The company in question is called Giant Sparrow. Since 2012, they have produced a total of 2 video games, both of which have filled me with a lot of happiness, and perhaps a bit of sadness too. All good, by the way.

The name of these two games are "The Unfinished Swan" and "What Remains of Edith Finch." This week, we are going to talk about these two games in that order.

One thing to note about Giant Sparrow games is they all seem to have stories hovering around death. Yet there is still so much life there. They are not so much about death, but the life lived and what is left behind. "The Unfinished Swan" introduces a boy named Monroe right after the death of his mother. The only thing left behind after her passing is a painting she made of an unfinished swan, which was his favorite of all her paintings.

From there, he is drawn into a fairy tale world literally based on an unfinished work of art. He has to use droplets of ink and water in order to make the strange world around him make sense. And from this odd presentation, we find the narrative of a king who created the world around him to suit himself. The only problem was that the people living there did not have his vision and tended to complain and revolt.

The king does occasionally try to make corrections to his artistic world to appease them, but it seems that there are always complaints. Ultimately, he is forced into various creative slumps that lead to darkness and a little bit of danger and chaos. Through all this Monroe experiences the kings trials through the artistic progression of the world he painted for himself.

The thing that fascinated me about the king is when I realized that this is not just some fairy tale character. He is a real person who literally escaped into his own imagination. He's a real person living within a world that he personally created. And even better... he is still working on it while there. How was it his fault that the people living there wouldn't agree with him? I wonder if that's something God has to put up with often. Nevertheless, the king learns that he can't satisfy everyone and decides to move on.

When an artist dies or retires, something very odd happens. He still somehow exists. Maybe not him particularly. The art tends to take on a personality of its own as it seeps into the minds of those who view it. It can even inspire others to continue creating. I'm surprised people don't link artistic endeavors with godhood more often. Ask anyone who creates, and see if they don't want to be apart of their creation. If they say no, they are probably lying or don't care about what they are making in the first place.

Artists are the true world-builders. They create things that would never exist if they had not put brush to canvas. "The Unfinished Swan" is a perfect example of the effect loving artists have on us. All they really want is to escape from this boring world by creating something more interesting... something we never had until they stepped in. This is a video game about someone who finally managed to escape.

But who was the king? Where did he come from? That question was left unanswered in the game. But in 2017, a new game by Giant Sparrow would finally answer that question. And it would be one of the strangest journey's any video game would ever put me through.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Daffy Duck and Me

I guess this is going to be a silly blog but still a bit personal. Over the last couple years up to the present, I have been watching a combination of the show Duck Dodgers and The Loony Tunes Show, and I must say... I can strangely relate to the character Daffy Duck. And if you know anything about Daffy, you may wonder if I am some sort of narcissistic asshole for making that claim. Maybe!

For as long as I can remember, I have been rather brutal and harsh on my friends. I say whatever comes to mind and sometimes end up causing a lot of offence. I hurt people's feelings and sometimes I have to apologize for it... sometimes. Actually hardly ever. I may be allergic to it.

The thing is... Daffy does all the same things. He just does whatever he wants without really planning it. No thought whatsoever goes into anything he does or says. Somehow he still progresses through life. Nobody likes him, but he doesn't really worry about that because he is a narcissistic asshole.

The more I watch and study his behavior, the more I can't help but wish I could have his sheer inability to care what others think of him. Daffy is completely and utterly an independent thinker. Sure the thoughts are some of the most inappropriate thoughts imaginable, but the point is that they are HIS! Nobody gave him these thoughts. He's just that awful with no help from anyone else to make him that awful.

Daffy is also very much an anarchist in his own way. This comes from the fact that he doesn't accept anything but his own way in all things. In The Loony Tunes Show, Daffy often imagines himself as a wizard of great power who always gets exactly what he wants. It's a great fantasy, but he seems to incorporate it into his daily life. There was even an episode where he had some business cards made that titled himself as an actual wizard.

I love this guy! I love him for his independence. Yes, he is a horrible person, but at least he's active and unashamed about being horrible. There's honesty there. It's hilarious.

No matter how much you disagree with the things that Daffy Duck says and does, you cannot help but love him more than any other character in the Loony Tunes lineup. Even if its a "love to hate," he steals the show every time. So this is my official salute to what I believe to be the best Loony Tunes character ever made: Daffy Duck. And some days... I wish I was him. I aspire to be him. That's right, I wanna be a jerk. Sounds so liberating honestly. I can see it all now... T.K. Wade -- Professional Wizard (and author).

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Set

Of all the demons I have covered so far in these blogs, the one that eludes me the most, at least so far, is Set. Set is the famed Egyptian god of chaos, fire, deserts, trickery, storms, envy, disorder, violence, and... foreigners. Yes, he is all those things. But exactly how can he be all those things? Well, the truth is that Set is actually one thing that embodies all those things: namely just chaos.

Despite his name, there is nothing really set about Set. He is all over the place. I have not even been able to determine what animal he is. Nobody has. The drawings of him are confusing. Is he an aardvark? A bird? A jackal? Donkey? A fox? Seriously, nobody knows. Maybe he is one of those things... or maybe he is all of them. Maybe he shifts between them. Nobody knows. But then that just makes the chaos that he embodies all the more real, doesn't it?

I recently pointed out that it is very common for demons to exhibit birth defects. I'm beginning to think that Set was a birth defect. He was a little too much of everything that caused him to be a big horrible nothing. Yet he was still powerful as he was. And I get the distinct impression that he was not super upset with the way he turned out.

Set always seemed to embrace who he was. And there was a lot of violent energy inside him that needed to get out. And so he let it out in all of its terrible glory. He was not only a sociopath... but also a psychopath. A sadist. A being that enjoyed the endless suffering of others. He reveled and laughed at each and every disaster.

And yet, as much as we know about him, he still somehow eludes us. He can never truly be pinned down for what he actually is. It's in his nature. Chaos cannot be tamed. Chaos cannot be understood. Do the hurricanes that destroy our coasts have a reason to do what they do? Set never had a reason to do anything. He just did it, and reveled in pleasure at being able to exist at all.

You may find it interesting that he fathered Anubis. Don't think much of it though. There was no love there. Set thought very little of anything but himself. He was only placing himself well within the hierarchy of the gods. Seating himself in an immutable place where nobody could ever contest him.

Set is an example of unbridled terrible evil on a scale far greater than any human dares to consider. He is a careless, brutal, horrible creature. And sadly his influence still exists to this day. Demons don't really die. They just get slightly misplaced. And from there, they still have a say in how things are done. And how Set does things is the very last thing we need. We'll be better off without him.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The 2018 Samson Movie

I recently watched the 2018 movie Samson. Being that I recently wrote my own Samson story, I felt it might be a good idea to check it out and see how it stacked up. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Truth is... it's a mixed bag.

I was already expecting them to make Samson a mortal man empowered by God rather than a human/angel hybrid. I was even fine with that. I don't expect religious films to bother with the outer circle of spiritual phenomenon. So I was ready to experience a purely human Samson in all of his glory.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of complaints. This movie takes far too many licences with the truth. They threw in characters just to move the plot forwards. Characters who were not killed in the Bible were killed simply to add to the drama. The villains were cartoony and came across to me as more like comedy than something to really fear. But okay, so they wanted to make it clear they were bad. Fine.

There were parts that I genuinely enjoyed, and those came in way of the key moments where Samson used his strength to kick Philistine ass. The donkey jaw bone fight was my favorite. I loved these moments. If the whole movie was just them, it be a lot shorter, but probably better. I'll explain why.

Like I said, I did not mind them making Samson a mortal human, but dang! He was always depressed and crying about stupid stuff! When he wasn't using strength, he was all teary eyed. Every time he whined like a girl, it almost made me want to just stop watching the movie. This is not the Samson I was familiar from the Bible at all.

Another problem I had was that his strength was not presented as omnipresent. He sort of... had to... ask for it once in a while. Before he did this, he would sometimes seem weak and scared. There was one scene where he was running for his life. It was kind of silly seeing him like this. It was clearly done just to add extra drama to it.

Oh, yes. The running scene happened after he was found in a brothel. And he was oddly not comfortable being in such an ungodly place. I mean COME ON!

Is Samson worth seeing? Answer: No. It isn't. But I would recommend looking up the main milestone scenes on YouTube if you can. They are actually very good. But at the end of the day, this is a great story that is sullied by too much overthinking and the usual drive to spin a religious story as to not offend everyone. Hope this review helps.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Breaking the Ten Commandments (9-10)

The Ten Commandments is often used as a set of rules by modern churches to help people keep in line. The truth is that the laws of Moses were made obsolete at the moment the curtains were ripped in the temple. Let's continue to look at the final two and see why this list should be ignored as nothing more than a historical document and not modern law, legal or theological.

9: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Lying basically. This particular commandment doesn't even make sense by today's standards. What is wrong with lying? Do you really think telling the whole truth in every situation is a genuinely good thing? I encourage you to be honest and sincere with those you trust, and do feel free to lie to those who you do not trust. Also there is a difference between telling the truth and being sincere. It has to do entirely with being honest and accepting who and what you are. The Jews, at the time, were so prone to making deception and lies that they needed this commandment to keep them straight. Today, it is obsolete.

10: You shall not covet.

This is a jealousy thing. Once again, it had to do with the Jews at the time constantly wanting things that were not theirs. And to be honest, there is something to be said for contentment. However, this law, like every other one in the Old Testament, was intended for a target audience. There is no harm in wanting something that isn't yours. Just don't let it take over your life and lead you on a nasty path. This commandment, as intended, is obsolete.


I've said my piece. I consider everything in the Bible to be true, but not everything is relevant universally. When Jesus died, the curtains in the temple ripped. We are no longer intended to be a theocracy. We have the freedom to choose. We have the freedom to be what we truly want to be. We are no longer bound by the laws of Moses or God (the Father). Take every situation you encounter with the judgement of a good heart. Don't go by rules. Jesus gave us the power to figure these things out, and as long as we do so with a good heart, we shall never be in the wrong in His eyes.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Breaking the Ten Commandments (5-8)

I'm a devout Christian, but I don't associate with any of the organized rubbish. I look at the Bible myself. I see what it says to me. Even if I am wrong, I have done the work myself. And one of the conclusions I came to was that everything in the Old Testament is obsolete. The laws of Moses are now obsolete. The Ten Commandments are obsolete. We live by the ways of Jesus, and he spoke against the laws of Moses within the Gospels. This is why I am doing this. Let's continued to break the Ten Commandments.

5: Honor your father and mother.

At the time, family had much in way of educational responsibilities. This was an important rule to instill in the silly Jews who, as you know, were stupid enough to build that calf after seeing a slew of different miracles.

Today, I encourage an independent view. Your parents may be able to help you. They may not. Jesus allows us to think for ourselves now. The old rules are gone. We need to be able to hold our own. If you think your mother and father are leading you in the wrong direction, go with your heart. But please, if it's just selfishness that's guiding this action, they might be telling you something you need to hear. Everything is case-by-case now. Deal with all things accordingly. This commandment is now obsolete.

6: You shall not murder.

You need to be told not to do this? Well the Jews did. Until God came along, they likely figured killing someone was okay as long as they could get something out of it. My biggest complaint about this one though is just how it doesn't factor in situations pertaining to war. The context of it was probably assumed, but still. I have heard people cry out against soldiers fighting for our country because they are breaking the 6th commandment. It's obsolete.

7: You shall not commit adultery.

Once again, the Jews of the Old Testament were stupid. They needed a legal and binding document to tell them not to cheat on their wives, Jesus makes us free to deal with every situation based on our heart and not a book of rules. You will know when you are about to make a really horrible decision. Your love for another will be tested. Your heart will decide your fate. This commandment is obsolete.

8: You shall not steal.

If its not killing someone, its stealing from them. Those crazy Jews! This is a bit like the murder commandment in that there are reasons when stealing is all right, like in moments of war. It's context based. You have to deal with these situations by the heart. Be very thoughtful and don't let selfishness be the driving force of your decision.


Two more to go and then I'll hush up about all this. Like I said, I may be wrong, but this is my interpretation. I'll not let anyone tell me what to think. I do all my own thinking by myself. See you next time.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Breaking the Ten Commandments (1-4)

The Ten Commandments is an obsolete document written to assist a bunch of Jews who were so stupid that they needed all the help that they could get. Jesus is the new way and has publicly debunked the laws of Moses. Let's have a look at the first four.

1: You shall have no other gods before Me.

The Jews at the time were fickle creatures that would worship anything if it served their interests. It was entirely a selfish thing to them. If Satan could give them a better deal than God, they'd take it in a heartbeat. It was likely a good idea to include this one.

If you need to be told this, then you are also an idiot. This is common sense. However if you are ignorant of such things and end up worshiping Satan because you knew of no other alternative, that isn't a sin. God appreciates any sort of spiritual gumption honestly. Life was a lot harsher back in the Old Testament days. We have a lot more breathing room.

Once again, however, I can't underestimate enough why this particular commandment was really intended for stupid people. And it really is made all the more clearer when you get to the next one, which happens to be...

2: You shall make no idols.

The golden calf. Now, here is some irony. I wouldn't be surprised if God etched this one in at the last moment when he saw what they were doing. Bumped it all the way up to 2nd place too. I mean... how stupid do you have to be to need this one? After seeing a whole lot of miracles by God in the preceding days, they went right over to make and worship an idol.

For us not stupid people, we can create things and do wonderful things with our creations. We can do so in the name of Jesus. This particular commandment was to steer the real idiots away from profound idiocy. And no, I wasn't being redundant. They were pretty much idiots squared.

3: You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.

The Jews were a crazy lot who spent most of their time trying to find ways around God. They needed to be controlled and controlled harshly. This meant controlling what they could and could not say. Blasphemy here was born. It had nothing to do with God being offended but more to do with keeping a rebellious flock in line.

Today purist Christians will yell at me for saying completely innocent things like "jeez." Honestly this commandment has been taken so far out of context. Even in context, it's rubbish. God doesn't give a damn what you say or don't say. He only cares what's in your heart. This commandment is obsolete and not even intended for us. Rubbish.

4: Keep the Sabbath day holy.

I will admit that this one still bears some credence. I would only argue that the actual day it lands on should not be dictated by any group of people or the government. And what constitutes holy is also a bit abstract. There are just some aspects of Christianity that need to be protected. It doesn't mean that Sundays are holy. It means that there are particular moments in our lives that need to be honored rather than be cast away.

In the time that this commandment was written, there was a set scheduled for Sabbaths intended for the Jews. They needed this sort of babysitting. We don't. We can now choose which are the holy days. If it be Sunday, then fine. If it be Saturday, then fine. If it be Thanksgiving and Christmas, then fine. This commandment is obsolete and a relic of the Old Testament where it was much more needed.


People don't need lists. They need to be able to go with their hearts if their hearts be filled with goodness. Come on, humans. Adapt! More to come next time.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Problem with the Ten Commandments

This is something that has really been bothering me lately. For all my life, I have been taught the importance of the Ten Commandments. In may ways, this list is a sort of book within a book. People often separate it from the Bible and have it posted on walls and in court-houses where it is defended. I would happily defend it too, if anything just to stop all the Christian hate going around. But... I'm sorry to say I do not consider the Ten Commandments to be a valid document in the modern day.

Don't worry. I want to explain myself here.

I'm not here to parrot anybody's opinion. This is just a conclusion I came to recently. My problem with this document comes at multiple angles. I'll list them out and explain them for you.

1. The Ten Commandments were intended for the Jews. Another way to say this is that the Ten Commandments were intended for a bunch of idiots living at the time, These Jews were witness to a slue of miracles. The plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, food falling from the heaven, and even still, God figured they still could not cope without having some sort of list to explain the difference between right and wrong. Pathetic really, but these guys were idiots. The Golden Calf incident is proof enough of that. The Jews would have been lost without that document.

2. The Ten Commandments is obsolete. It's a document forced within the far more chaotic and harsh Old Testament. This is a pre-Jesus document. Jesus even countered the laws of Moses in a conversation with someone. And when he died, the curtain at the temple was torn in two. In my mind, that turns the Old Testament from a collection of theological laws into nothing more than a very interesting history lesson. Jesus was intended to be the new way. The Ten Commandments is the old way. Remember that God the father passed on command to his son. Jesus did no write the Ten Commandments. That was daddy.

3. The Ten Commandments is nothing but a simple list for lazy idiots. One of my problems with organized religion is that they focus too much on the organization while completely neglecting the actual Christianity. People are, more often than not, stupid. They are too stupid to understand context, nuance, or subtleties. They need a big pretty picture that they can look at so that they know how to act.

Or a list. A list is good too.

The Ten Commandments is a very simple list used by organized religion to make it very clear how people should and should not act. As if we can't figure out if we are doing wrong through context! You know what you're doing. Anyone who needs a list is inevitably going to look for loopholes anyways. The heart knows right from wrong. Use it.

So in summary, I believe that the Ten Commandments is an obsolete document that has been propped up well outside of its intended period. If you want to know right from wrong, why don't you actually try to be more than a pointless person and go out and do some good. Let your heart guide you. If you are a true believer in Christ, then you don't need that stupid list. He's the way, the truth, and the life. The Ten Commandments are not. Not even close!

On a side note, I do plan to go into this more in the future. I want to break down the Ten Commandments and explain my problems with each one and why the advent of Jesus ultimately proves its obsolescence. Stay tuned!

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Birth Defects in Demons

Now, before I begin, I want to point out something about normal human birth defects. These are very unfortunate things that sometimes happen. Biology is not perfect. Problems can occur and a human being can occasionally be left with a blight that isn't supposed to be there. That is a separate thing to what this blog is about. I am not saying that human birth defects are demonic. I just wanted to make this clear.

This blog is about a much more common thing that happens with demon hybrids. Remember back when I was talking about Leonard and his third horn? I have read a number interesting accounts of anomalies like this. The multiple tails of the kitsune. Giants with twelve toes. Probably far more debilitating is the kappa with his entirely open head and exposed brain. What the heck is wrong with these creatures?!

I got to wondering about that. I started to realize that these demons were being subjected to some fairly nasty birth defects. This is likely the result of them being abominations to begin with. Let me explain.

Demons don't just exist. They also aren't little creatures living in Hell, waiting for their master, Satan, to let them out into the world. Demons are the result of an angel, usually a fallen angel, having sex with something living on this earth. The resulting offspring is a demon.

Now, as the fiery entities of the cosmos are not supposed to be breeding with mortal creatures like us, the result can sometimes be a bit of a mix-up. You can get some pretty weird-looking folk. Odd-looking man/animal hybrids displaying the realistic features of both creatures in the same body. The blend is often faulty and imperfect. This is where the birth defects are notable.

You have to understand that a lot of people in fairy lore don't really understand the true nature of demons. They are our fairy folk after all. We saw them as creatures from another world and must be revered as being the mysterious creatures that they are. And I've always been the first to encourage people to respect them anyhow. Don't be a jerk just because of what they really are.

But a lot of these odd bodily anomalies are really just results of the mistake that was their untimely birth. Ironically these maladies were often seen as some sort of beauty mark. When the Japanese look upon a nine-tailed kitsune, they gasp in awe as the pretty tails flutter about. And they are pretty! Even I think that. But those pretty tails are still the result of an abomination in progress.

The third horn of Leonard and the twelve toes of the giants are a bit easier to understand--especially with the giants who did not often get along with people. The third horn of Leonard might still, perhaps, be sold as some sort of beauty. It seems right up his ally to pitch it in that way.

These surprisingly common birth defects signify that the fallen angels were dong something extremely uncouth. The demons themselves are selfsame proof of their own blasphemy... yet... what happened... happened. They did walk the earth... some still do.

I want you all to take this more of evidence of a concept. It's there to let us know something is consistently not normal about demons. There is no reason you can't like it or find beauty in it. Just understand what it is. That's all I'm trying to encourage here.

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