Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Monsters of Doom, Part 4

-Lost Souls-

If the creators of Doom ever tried to make the demon equivalent of a mosquito, the Lost Soul fits that criteria perfectly. They look like flaming skulls, and they attack by rushing at you at frightening speeds. Lost Souls are pretty weak, but they make up for that by showing up in groups. And it's the groups that you need to worry about. Every single one of them is going to relentlessly dash at you as your health depletes little by little. And because of how tiny they are, it can be easy to lose track of them. I even suffer from this from time to time.

Because of their unpredictable nature, I usually like to get rid of them first. They were, after all, intended to be an annoyance. Good job. They are indeed extremely annoying. My usual tactic is to break out the minigun and take little potshots at them until they blow up. They tend to stun-lock and even fly backwards real easily. Why not the pistol? Let's be honest; the pistol is a bit too slow. The minigun fires two rounds per tap, so its a bit more efficient at taking these little nuisances out. Don't waist good ammo on these guys. Just use what you need to be rid of them and move on. Threat Level: 2 of 10.

-Pain Elemental-

Of course, this had to be the next one. Ladies and gentleman, this is my personal biggest annoyance. I hate them with a passion. I always prioritize their destruction. The Pain Elemental looks a bit like the Cacodemon, but they have more of a dark gray pallet and are far, far uglier. The interesting thing about this monster is that he doesn't have an actual attack. What he actually does is produce Lost Souls. Seriously, there is no greater sin than this.

Imagine if you ran into the person who admitted to being the one who brought mosquitoes into this world. You probably wouldn't like him very much. That's how I feel about the Pain Elemental. All he does is barf up Lost Souls, and for that alone I want him dead. And to make matters worse, when you do manage to kill him, he explodes into three more Lost Souls. Even in death, he's an asshole.

At the moment I realize there is an Pain Elemental in play, I immediately switch to my plasma gun. If I don't have one, it's gonna be rockets, but the plasma gun is really the most entertaining. I'll lay into those assholes and every Lost Soul he spits out until the room is clear. It's not a matter of ammo waste; it's hate. I hate them. And the only way I am going to enjoy myself is with an excess of force. As a side note, the Pain Elemental can only produce up to 21 Lost Souls. Now imagine being in a small room with 21 mosquitoes. Enough said. Threat Level 5 of 10.


Oh ho! Here he is! He's probably my favorite of the whole lot. The Revenant may not be the hardest monster in the long list of Doom enemies, but he is undoubtedly the one with the most moxie. From the moment you hear his iconic screech, you know shit is about to get real, and it does. It always does. The Revenant is a screaming skeleton straight out of your most favorite nightmares. And he's here to give your day a brand new coat of red. Mighty generous, if you ask me.

The Revenant is a skeletal creature with two big missile launchers mounted on his shoulders. His missiles can home in on you half of the time. The other half they just fly perfectly straight until they hit a wall. If one of these missiles happen to be a homing one, they will fly at you relentlessly until they either hit you, or you are able to kite it into one of the many obstacles. It's harder than it sounds, but with practice it gets much easier.

The Revenant also has what may be the most entertaining and wonderful melee attack I have ever seen in the history of video games. First of all, these monsters are fast. I had no idea skeletons could even snort cocaine! Dear lord, these skeletons have absolutely no problem just power-walking right up to you and giving you a bony punch to the face! The sound it makes... That hilarious WHACK sound. Oh, it's glorious!

There is just something so wonderfully personal about the Revenent in both its design and actions. They act like they have a personal vendetta with you. They are just dying to kill you, and they aren't going to wait. I seriously cannot fight them without smiling. There bones can be ground down into pure powder testosterone. I can't get enough of them!

As aggressive as they are, it's all balanced with the fact that they aren't very good at taking damage. They go down pretty fast. Sometimes a single super shotgun blast will do the trick, although that is a bit rare. It might make more sense to use a rocket or the minigun, I prefer the super shotgun simply for the fun of going in up close and personal. I love the fight with these guys. And nothing beats kiting one of their homing rockets right back into their ugly faces. Try it out. It's hilarious. Threat Level: 5 of 10.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Monsters of Doom, Part 3


Basically, this is a big strong dude with a chaingun. I always get just a tad nervous around them because of their rapid fire hit-scanning ability. I talked about hit-scanning before. Their attacks are based on dice rolls, which is not so bad when dealing with intermittent shots as found with the Zombiemen and the Shotgun Guys. But when hit-scanning happens rapidly, the chances of you taking a lot of damage really fast goes way up. In large groups, this monster can kill you very quickly. He's also a lot stronger than his zombie brothers.

The best way to deal with these guys is by simply using cover to your advantage. If he can't see you, he can't shoot you. Likewise if you can't see him, he can't see you. He can be dropped with a couple of well placed shotgun shots, but if they are at a distance, I recommend fighting fire with fire. Just minigun them down as accurately as you can. Your shots are always going to be more accurate as theirs. But the main thing to remember is that you can't dodge their shots at all. Cover is 100% needed. Find a good place to hide yourself and start working at them. They'll go down faster than you think. Threat Level: 5 of 10.

-Baron of Hell-

Big, scary, and reasonably tough satyrs. I really like them, but only because of that pleasant cringe I make when I run into them. And that's almost always the way you encounter them... a surprise. The Barons of Hell are, to many, considered to be mini-bosses. That's not entirely wrong. Two of them ended up being the final boss of the first episode of Doom. First time players sometimes get their butts handed to them on this encounter. They can be a bit shocking at first, but it will wear off and you will learn to love them.

Barons of Hell are red in color (that will be important for later). They throw really nasty fireballs that hurt like hell. They also have a melee attack that will mess you up. They are aggressive and cannot be stun-locked (like with the Cacodemon). You pretty much have to learn to dance and get very good at doing it.

Personally, I tend to switch to the rocket launcher whenever I see these red beasts. I haven't had too many situations where I didn't have rockets while encountering them, although there are some exceptions. It can take up to six rockets to take them down. If rocket ammo is too precious, it's time to equip the super shotgun and begin the dance of death. Dodge and shoot like your life depends on it, and of course it does. You'll whittle him down in about the same amount of shots. Six or seven. It's a tough but very rewarding fight.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with just using a combination of the two with maybe a little bit of plasma shots to get the job done faster. But personally, there is nothing quite like taking these big satyr studs down. The strange sound they make then they die is worth the effort. You'll be satisfied. Threat Level: 7 of 10.

-Hell Knight-

The Hell Knight is a weaker version of the Baron of Hell that was introduced first in Doom II. Not a bad addition either. First time you run into them, all those terrible memories of that double Baron fight will all hit you in the face, and you might panic. But don't worry: this guy is much easier.

The official Doom wiki states that the Hell Knight is tan in color. I may just be color blind, but I always see green when I see them. Either way, you won't see red, and that's good news. Totally not a problem to take these monsters out. Whip out your super shotgun, give him a good three direct hits, and he'll go down almost every time. Same thing applies to rockets. Three rockets, and he's out. Easy.

Just because the Hell Knight is easier does not make him a wasted enemy type. I actually really like these guys. Maybe even more than the Barons. The idea of it is that they look tough and attack hard, but they just can't take the stress like their older brothers can. They were working their way up to Baron but got taken down by Doom Guy before they could get their promotion. Survival of the fittest. The Hell Knight is a welcome addition to the list of enemies, and I always look forward to kicking their butts. Threat Level: 6 of 10.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Monsters of Doom, Part 2


I think I speak for all Doom players that we much prefer to call these rampaging monsters "Pinkies" or Pinky Demons. I mean... aren't all the creatures in the game basically demons? Talk about lazy writing. Not that I am complaining much about them in general terms. I like them. I really do like them a lot.

The Pinky Demons are rampaging, bulky, and wide monsters that only have a biting attack. They have a fairly tough skin, but you could certainly deal with worse. The problem is that they often come in packs and can tend to block narrow passageways until you can slaughter through them. I also see them a lot in pits, kind of like using crocodiles to strengthen a protective moat.

They are pretty fast and can often gang up on you in a big feeding frenzy, so its important to deal with them in the fastest way possible. If there is only one of them and they are mixed with other demons, I recommenced a close blast from the super shotgun. They will usually take them out in one hit so that you can focus on everything else. However, if there is a hoard of them, it's time to break out the chainsaw. It is a way to conserve your ammo, and it is also way more fun. Just be sure to watch out, because they will try and surround you while your doing this. Prepare to dance! Threat Level: 3 of 10.


It's a Pinky Demon that's hard to see. They move, act, and attack in exactly the same way. While difficult to spot, you can get used to it. The only real problems happen when they are placed in dark areas, but that is rare. I suppose this is my least favorite demon from the Doom games. A bit of a let down really. But when it really comes down to it, they are just Pinky Demons. That's all. Threat Level 3 of 10.


HIIIISSSSSSS! Know that sound? That's the sound a Cacodemon makes before he shows his ugly body which is also somehow his face. This fella looks like a big meatball with a big mouth and one creepy cycloptic eye. I've heard a lot of people call him cute... and I guess there's something to it, but I'm not sure I wanna go there right now.

The Cacodemon can seem really scary when you first meet him. For one, he can fly. He has a very powerful fireball attack. And if he gets real close to you, his bite is insanely powerful. It's important to learn how to dance around his shots as much as possible because there are many times where this guy comes in groups. They have pretty thick skin too. But as intimidating as the Cacodemon is, he has his weaknesses.

Probably the most notable weakness is his ability to be "stun-locked." This is a weakness that the Pinky Demon and the Spectre also have. Stun-locking means that every time the Cacodemon gets hurt he winces. He is extremely susceptible to pain and is simply unable to fight through pain like some other demons can.

Probably the most well known method of taking town the Cacodemon is the minigun. If you can keep it aimed on him, he will never get a chance to fire back because he is being stun-locked by being hit so often. As amusing as this is, I see it as a big bullet waster. If you can get him down to your level, just use the chainsaw. If you time the opening of the attack well, he won't get to bite you. However, if you are dealing with a lot of them, just pull out your super shotgun and prepare to shoot and dance. It'll take two or three close range hits. They'll be a pile of guts before you know it.

One last thing about the Cacodemons is that they tend to fly backwards when hit. That can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes they fly back so far that they are near impossible to damage, and then you might run into it later as they slowly make their way back. It's annoying, but another good reason to take them out quickly. Threat Level: 5 out of 10.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Monsters of Doom, Part 1


Also known as the former human or trooper, the Zombieman is the weakest of all the monsters of doom. These were once regular humans that were killed and brought back to life through hellish means. Although they are shown carrying some sort of rifle, their shots seem more like they are coming from a pistol. Damage from these monsters are weak, and if you fear them, you're probably some sort of sissy.

Even in large groups, the Zombiemen are simple to take out. A few pistol shots or one shotgun blast is all that's needed, even at long range. If they are in groups, a shotgun blast can take out up to three of them at once. They are there just as fodder. They slow you down for a bit. They seem oftentimes to just be there as a distraction honestly.

As weak as they are, they are still fun to gun down. There is a certain satisfaction gained from just mowing through them. I think that's why they exist at all. They are there to be killed for our pleasure. We laugh at their folly. Not one of them is dangerous. Not one of them is a threat. They are there to be killed and that's all. Threat Level: 1 of 10.

-Shotgun Guy-

The Shotgun Guy is physically the same kind of monster as the Zombieman. They have the same weaknesses and athletic abilities. You can take them down just as easily, but there is one major problem: they are wielding shotguns.

There have been many times that I have seen these guys and have gotten just a wee bit more tense. Even though these monsters can be easily dispatched, their damage output is fairly high. A few hits from them can drain you of your heath before you even know what happened. In large groups, you can expect to be destroyed within a matter of seconds. This is why caution is advised when encountering them.

The Shotgun Guy is what is called (in Doom culture) a "Hit Scanner." This means that the chance of him hitting you is based on probability. It's something like a dice role. This randomness also effects how much damage he deals if he does hit you. This is why he has the potential to destroy you fairly quickly.

If you encounter a Shotgun Guy, I recommend focusing all of your attack on him. If he is backed up by Zombiemen, ignore them until the Shotgun Guys are down. Don't worry. It's not hard to kill them. I recommend using their own gun against them or a minigun if there are a lot of them. The point is that you need to get them removed as fast as possible. If you ignore them, they certainly won't be ignoring you. Get 'em out of here! Threat Level: 4 out of 10.


Imps are only a problem if you don't understand them. A blog like this is a good thing to read if you want to fix that situation. The Imps are moderately slow, hellish creatures who have 2 types of attacks. They have a nasty melee claw attack and a fireball attack.

The claw attack is easy enough to avoid if you just keep your distance. They are not very fast, so this is easy. Their fireballs are rather slow and easy to dodge. With enough practice, you can get into a dodging pattern as they are coming towards you. It's really not that hard. It's more about just being aware that they are there so you can properly dodge the attacks.

The edge imps have is how tough their skin is. They are harder to kill then the Zombie class monsters mentioned earlier. My recommendation is 1 or 2 standard shotgun blasts. If you are real close, a single blast will take out an Imp. If you are slightly off target or too far away, you might end up having to waste 2 or even 3 shots. To help save ammo, I recommend getting in close, taking tight shots at them individually, while keeping track of all the fireballs as you do so. It's really not as hard as it sounds. This is also the strategy I suggest if they are in large groups. Don't waste your minigun ammo unless they are impossible to reach, as in on the other side of a gap. Threat Level: 2 of 10.

More monsters to come in the next blog!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Doom II (Game Review)

I made it pretty clear in an earlier blog that I was a huge fan of Doom. The first game was sort of an introduction into what made the game wonderful. Doom II (released in 1994) is really what made the series stick, and I want to talk a little bit as to why.

The story still follows the nameless space marine... or is he really nameless? The novels have him named as Flynn "Fly" Taggart. The games never make reference to this. Anyways, the sequel continues the journey of the hero into some of the most complex and amazing environments that still look pretty awesome today. He travels to hell and back to Earth where demons have taken over. Damn spooky stuff, but the game play remains the same: go in and kill everything!

So what made Doom II so great? In many ways, it felt the same as the first. But there is no denying that people always have more fun with the 2nd game. There are multiple reasons and I'll try and cover most of them.

1. The Super Shotgun. Double the power of the original shotgun, twice the fun. Dear god. The addition of this weapon made the game so much more fun. It made dealing with more enemies so much more manageable. There was no enemy that was not, to some degree, vulnerable to this insanely powerful weapon. It fit into the strategy of each level in a multitude of ways. From the moment you first collect it, you know you'll be the best of friends.

2. Superior Level Design. The levels in the first Doom were good, but they learned from all their failings and blew it out of the water with the sequel. These levels are wonderfully built, interesting, and fun to explore. To this day, I still find myself poking around for new secrets that I've missed since the 90's. Amazing flow, brilliant use of textures, and perfect setups for monster killing madness.

3. New enemies. The enemies of the first Doom were pretty slim. Doom II added a whopping 9 new enemies to defeat. Every single one of them was interesting. The Revenant is one of my favorite of these, I'll go more into these enemies in a later blog. The addition of these new enemies lead to new strategies and play styles in your quest to kill, kill, kill.

These additions actually made it difficult to go back to the first game. I still do though. I think all the games are great, but Doom II is just a masterpiece. It's a perfectly executed ballet of death and destruction at the hands of one single space marine. It's brilliant.

I'm keeping this blog short. I just wanted to rave about how much I love this game and still play it often. Over the next weeks, I'll be going over the enemies of Doom with a fine tooth comb. I actually do love all of the enemies, and I want to share with you what I love about each and every one. If you've played these games before, you'll probably share in the love along with me. I hope you look forward to it.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Cause and Effect

I want to begin this blog with a little story from five or so years ago. I was out taking a walk with fellow author Shawn O'Toole. We would often take a walk down a train track for sometimes up to an hour before we got back home. On one of these walks, we ran into a dog that was standing on the tracks. Its face was bleeding and we had surmised (perhaps incorrectly) that it had been shot by someone.

The dog was clearly suffering and standing very still. It was paranoid about the people standing near him. There was another gentleman there that was trying to coax it off of the tracks. You couldn't get near the animal. It would snap at anyone who got too close because it was in pain and afraid.

As if right out of a movie, a train horn sounded and we realized that this dog was going to just stand there until the train ultimately hit it. The man there managed to convince the dog to walk towards him at the last moment. Once we knew the dog was safe, we went back on our walk and knew nothing else about what happened concerning this canine.

The dog in this story was dealing with its situation at the top layer. It was dealing with the effect of what had happened but knew nothing and cared nothing for the cause. It did not ask who shot it, it just suffered emotionally and in pain. All it knew was pain. It had no thoughts of revenge for what happened. It merely wanted the pain to end and for its suffering to end. The coaxing by the man was perhaps a chance at ridding itself of its woes, the very same woes it was dealing with at that moment in time. It had nothing to do with a gun or the person who chose to shoot it. Everything was top layer. The effect. The cause never became a part of it.

Me and Shawn were certainly angry. Not at the pain the dog was experiencing but towards this unknown individual who shot it. We asked why someone would do such a horrible thing. What did the dog do to deserve it, if at all? Was it random? Was it because of a trespass? We didn't know. The point is that there was a cause that we were interested in. We were dealing with far more than just the effect (like the dog was doing); we were also trying to figure out the cause. We never did figure out the cause, but the point is that we asked the question of what caused it. We were interested. If there was something we could have done, we would have done it.

Animals do not deal with the cause. They only deal with effects. Effects happen on the top layer, the same layer where emotions are found. Animals react emotionally to effects. They only see and hear emotionally by what they see and hear in the moment they exist. There memory is only there to train them. They don't ask why. They only remember things as a manner to learn lessons on how to deal with similar situations. But in all cases, animals are reactionary on the emotional level. That's all they can do... because they are not human.

Humans have the ability to react emotionally to an effect, but we can also dive deeper into the meaning of the top layer. We can dig down the layers past where emotion lies and try and find a cause. The source of all the woes in the world are generally not skin deep. We always see the ever-present effect, and forget that every effect has a cause. And the cause can only be found through diligence and careful examination. But you have to ask the question of "why" first. You have to look past the clear and present and emotional present reality and try your best to find out why something happened to begin with. If you fail to do this, you will be just as lost as that dog.

People should not react emotionally to things. They need to observe and attempt to discover why something is happening. If you only react emotionally like an animal, you can be controlled and trained like an animal. You will become a creature born and controlled by your environment. And he who controls your environment will control you. They will create powerful slogans and emotional arguments to get a reaction out of you. You'll hear their emotional pleas and instantly join their agenda. Why? Who knows? You never asked. You only heard the emotional argument and let it sway you. In a passion you are now fighting for someone you never knew, never met, know nothing about (but what they told you), and they have absolute power over you by simply saying that slogan that you are reacting you.

This unknown person is the cause. What he does causes an effect. If you only deal with the effect, you will always be under his control. You will essentially be his slave. He can do anything he wants, and if you disagree with it, he will renew his slogan, you'll react to it, and you will follow his ways to the bitter end.

Cause and effect. Layers. Emotions on the top. The truth is way down at the bottom... at the beginning. Don't be an animal. Be a human. Ask why, and then seek out the truth. Don't let your emotions enslave you. Be human. That's all.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: How Can a Fairy Tale Be Real?

The question posed in the title "How can a fairy tale be real?" has much to do with the ending of the age of mysticism. The age of mysticism refers to the a point in our history where fairies, gods, demons, and all those strange creatures from old stories were clear and present for all to see. They were a normal part of our lives, although still strange and wonderful. There came a point when the age of mysticism ended, and we were later inclined to disbelieve these stories as mere fiction.

I do have a hunch as to when this happened, but I'd rather talk about the concept of why we stopped believing. I'll be as brief as I can.

I do think that there are a lot of people that still do believe in fairy creatures. But there is a social expectation that they do not. And this expectation can sully the heart to a degree. They, at times, will disbelieve it themselves in order to stay sane.

If you try and imagine the end of an age where people knew fairies were real, there would naturally be a movement to keep the tales alive through story-telling. People with first hand experiences and encounters would keep the stories alive up until the time of their death. Their children would retell these stories but without the personal encounters to back it up. With each generation, the stories would be less reliable, and worse, they would become factually distant from the original tale, in much the same way that happens in a whispering campaign.

Of course, this all occurs because encounters with fairy creatures completely comes to a halt. People are not seeing them anymore. They have either gone into hiding or have been, in some way, prevented from appearing. There may also be some person or group flat out saying that none of it was real. Over time, that ideal can take hold, especially since there is no proof anymore.

The fairy tales we have today are after generations of this unfortunate whispering campaign, as well as the cultural belief that fairies are a work of fiction. Even Christians struggle with the ideas of angels and demons, often making up comfortable versions of them without actually doing real investigations into their origins. We have been indoctrinated with the belief that fairies of all types just don't exist, and to say otherwise makes you seem or even feel crazy.

Personally, I don't think anything should be taken off the table simply because of social expectations. Let's put all ideas to the fire and see what happens. I think fairies are still out there and probably right under our noses. I mean... what would you do if you even saw one at this point? I wager that you'd either ignore it or pass it off as just something you don't understand. Of course, if you do this, they get the right to laugh at you for your blindness. I'd laugh too if I were them.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Narrative

If man can write a book and create a narrative for it, so can our very lives be in tune to a narrative all its own. We can close our eyes and think about the events of this world as if being narrated by someone. We can see the words as if written in our minds but on a page. These words are permanent and immutable and not subjective at all, but they can only be heard if you are really trying to listen.

And I suppose we all "listen" to some degree. We all want to understand some of it. Maybe not all of it. It's a lot to take in. We step aside and take in other narratives from time to time. Fiction is a good place to spend our time. Through the suspension of disbelief, we can give ourselves temporarily to a falsehood and even perhaps learn from it. But by the end of it, we have to come back to reality.

I suggested at one time that the narrative of the history of the world had been written by God himself. You do not need to know who he is, only that someone out there is writing it. But what a strange thing it would be if the universe and all things in it were being written by someone from within. What if Charlie down the street was the author of your life and everything in it? Wouldn't that be peculiar?

Of course, I really wouldn't understand how someone from the inside would have that sort of power. By power, I mean that he could have the ability to shape the world around you as a truth. But it seems to me that a lot of people on this planet are willing enough to listen to Charlie... or whatever his name is. They are perfectly satisfied to let Charlie, Arnold, or Bill write the reality they they exist in. They allow Robert, Jackie, and Tim to give them shape to the up-ways, the down-ways, and the every-way that is the world they live in. Truth and consciousness can all be defined by the stroke of a pen or simply by speaking the words themselves.

Of course, all these names are fairly randomized to make a point. These are just people, you see. They have their own beliefs and agendas. They want things. They desire only that you listen to their inner-worldly interpretations... most of which I am sure they are quite proud of. But I would warn against letting one of the world take licence of a narrative to a world of which they currently take residence in. You see, unless they can look from the outside in... how in the world are they going to assess it properly?

I really don't think they can, if I could be honest.

But I do see that there are those here on planet Earth that think they can write their own narratives, and there are many who seem wont to sign up for it. And they naturally have the right to do this. But here is my problem: The narrative was entirely palpable without their help. I never needed these people. I can't even say for certain if the narrative comes from God or a god. I only assume it does because I can't think of any better explanation. How could anything so wonderfully organized just happen? How could a story so grand just randomly print upon a page? And why is it so visible to me through all this fog of war?

There is a narrative out there which is pristine and entirely lacking in all internal interference. It has been there since the beginning of time. It continues... and someday I think it will come to and end. The question is, are you listening to this narrative, or are you letting someone else explain their interpretation of it? You are entirely free to do either.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Lucifer Is Not Unclean

Luficer, otherwise known by his title Satan, is not an unclean spirit. He is a fully functioning angel still operating at full capacity. The only difference is that he is in opposition to the ways of God. The latter speaks nothing to him being either clean or unclean. He is only what God made him to be... and that is one of the angelic race, birthed of the very stars themselves.

What is generally known as an unclean spirit would be something known as a demon. A demon is an abomination created when an angel mixes his angelic genetics with that of something of Earth. It could be an animal, a plant, or even a human being. When these abominations die, they have nowhere to go, so they just sort of wander around, haunting the world.

When someone is possessed, it is these demon spirits that are possessing them, not the ones of the devils (or fallen angels). There are some disagreements concerning the terminology I am using. I've seen them used rather generically across the board for both angels and demons, but I have to make my choices based on the best research that I have.

I hear a lot of talk about the devil (meaning Satan) making people do things. Indeed, Satan is quite good at deceiving people, but he is hardly going about in spirit form and enticing people to make bad decisions. He's a bit more direct than that. If you are truly running into Lucifer himself, you'll actually see him. He'll be there right in front of you, whether you believe it or not. He is a powerful creature that is not to be taken lightly. He is not an unclean spirit. He is a living, breathing, immortal angel who has never been anything other than what he is.

He's also a bit too busy to deal with the likes of you. He's probably off dealing with big corporate types who can actually get things done for him. Whether or not you steal candy at a grocery store isn't important to him. Stop blaming Satan for everything, and get your act together.

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