Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Room (Game Series)

The choices of games on Android and iOS are crap. They just are. The more I scour the list, the more I become contemptuous that people even bothered. The grand makeup of these games usually consists of silly casual games filled to the brim with obnoxious advertisements and/or pay-to-win mechanics. I hate them. They're stupid. Mobile gaming is a joke.

Now for the exception.

"The Room" is a game released on iOS in 2012 and on Android devises in 2013. I got the Android version. First thing I noticed was that there was no demo and you had to pay money to play it. The game has no advertisements at all. There are no micro-transactions... period. And what's more... quality. The game has serious effort put into its graphics, game play, and writing. Dear God. It is a masterpiece.

The Room centers around a protagonist trying to unlock the secrets of a an extremely elaborate puzzle box. But the more he pushes forward into its mysteries, things begin to feel a little like you are diving into things you really shouldn't be. Big and small soon become blurred the further you go. And by the end of it, you may have lost yourself entirely.

The story of The Room is usually delivered through a series of letters and notes that appear infrequently. And the story is amazing. Genuinely amazing. I am saying that most modern day films would be wise to borrow from it. It feels a bit like it's on the pathway to Cthulhu, with the occult aspect at least, but it's more about a particular practice of mystical science which involves siphoning energy from a void.

So far there are five games in the series as listed below:

The Room

The Room Two

The Room Three

The Room: Old Sins

The Room VR: A Dark Matter (Sadly, I cannot play this one because I don't have a VR device. Am sad.)

As to the first four games, I cannot recommend them enough. Every story goes much deeper into the world's lore. You will become more and more lost into this seemingly never-ending puzzle. The atmosphere and sound will greatly assist in drawing you towards that inevitable void. By the end of "Old Sins," I could not have been more pleased by the shared experiences this game series had given me.

Fireproof Games spared no expense in creating one of the most ambient adventure stories on a platform that is known for being, not only disappointing, but often ridiculously divisive. My point is... if you were ever wondering if there was a mobile game worth your time that could compare with console or PC releases, The Room series is just that. It is worth the money. It is worth all the money they ask, and I sincerely mean that.

But if you are going to play this game, you have to be prepared to role play. The game is best played with a headset or earbuds. Turn out the lights. Give yourself to the story and the puzzles therein. You need to allow yourself to get lost in the world they give you. Really, this is the best way to enjoy the series that I have found. There's so much there, and I discover more each and every time I play through the series.

The first three games, as well as the VR game, are available on Steam as well; however, I really preferred the touch controls of the mobile version. It made it feel like you were manipulating the puzzle yourself rather then by proxy (ie the mouse). Nevertheless, the steam versions are a graphical upgrade to the originals, so there's that.

I do someday want to play the VR game. I just can't afford a system like that for a single game. But I can only assume that it is a wonderful experience. Play these games any way you can... and enjoy!

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Why Does Pluto Have a Heart on It?

I was watching my good friend Chris work on an illustration for my next book. I asked him to draw a picture of Pluto for me, and a question I am sure many people have asked popped up in my head: Why does Pluto have a heart on it?

The thing is... it's not even what a real heart looks like. It's the kind of heart you find on a deck of cards. It's also a lot bumpier than one of those hearts, but you don't need to squint much to see it. It's there. The shape is very noticeable. When I look at a photograph of Pluto... I see a planet with a heart shape on it. I really do.

One might just call it a random shape that just happens to resemble what we would call a heart. It could be just our imaginations seeing something that really isn't anything. It could be much like the forms we see on a cloudy day. All of this could just be coincident. And to think it is something meaningful could simply be a dangerous path to what is commonly known as... delusion. And that's true. It could be.

I don't think I am delusional. I really don't. I see patterns in things all the time, but I know better. I take what I see seriously and know when to let something go. But the point I am really trying to make here is that... Pluto appears to have a heart shape on it. When I look at it... I see a heart. And it isn't just any heart... it is surprisingly beautiful to look at. It's rather hard to stop looking at it. It's one of the more gorgeous heart shapes I have ever seen.

At the beginning of time, there was an explosion. The universe burst out from a singular point with pinpoint precision. Everything came to be exactly as it was designed to be. And this sphere... this single sphere way out in space at the edge of our solar system... It ended up with a heart on it. I see no reason why this question should not be asked. So go ahead... ask it.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Annihilation (2018 Film)

[Some spoilers ahead.]

It's hard for me to solidly categorize exactly what the film Annihilation was. I know it is some things. It was definitely a horror in that there were moments where things were horrifying. Perhaps not because it was so much scary but because it was disturbing on multiple levels.

Towards the beginning and throughout the movie, I felt as if I was seeing a real live fairy tale come to life within the confines of fiction. It had all the makings of a fairy tale. You had humans going into a place located on earth where magic seemed to prevail. But then... all of it was still explained through science. I still honestly felt like I was seeing a fairyland.

Was it a science fiction? I think so. It provided me with an extremely clear explanation of an outer space origin. This thing came from space. It landed here, and provided the story with... an alien. That clearly marks this story as not only a science fiction... but also a traditional one.

So... Annihilation is clearly a trinity of genres. It is a science fiction, horror, fairy tale set in the modern era. It accomplished this feat flawlessly. It was believable, and its believability made it as terrifying as it was ambient.

But what really is this movie about? My conundrum is this: The whole movie is it's own spoiler. Every single part of this movie was crucial to understanding what it was about. To reveal one part is to give out something akin to a spoiler. But wait. I can still give you a premise, and that is precisely what I will do.

A meteor strikes earth. It produces an ever expanding field that nobody seems to come out of. If it keeps on expanding, it will eventually encompass the entire planet. That's all you need to know. Watch this movie. Annihilation is extremely well made and not at all hard to understand. A brilliant experience from beginning to end, and most importantly to me: It is a fairy tale.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Zombies and Vampires

A question: What happens if a body is dead but the energy doesn't leave like it should?

Why would this even happen and how? Well, for the sake of argument, let's just say that we found a way to do it or it was some sort of supernatural event. Whatever the case may be it happens and the question still stands.

The simple answer to this is that it would provide a scenario where booth zombies and/or vampires could realistically exist. This is what we call the undead.

Heh. I always found the term "undead" a little weird. When I was young I would always ask, "Why don't they just call it 'alive' rather than undead. Isn't that what un-dead means?" If you look at how the word is presented, one might assume that it is merely a word meaning the same thing as living. But undead is still dead. Zombies are dead. Vampires are dead. The term undead merely means they should be dead but for some reason are still walking around.

From more of a mystical and scientific perspective, a dead body that does not eject its energy properly will continue to move. It will still access the body's functions the best that it can. It may also continue to produce new cells. But the human, that is... what the human actually is... has left to move on to another realm. The thing that is left is... a thing. It's a creature. It's an animal. It's not a person.

Zombie lore greatly suggests that the human is no longer who they once were, but they have turned into a feral creature who seeks out food. Realistically they would try and rape people as well, but that never made it into the popular lore. Can you imagine that? Zombie movies where zombies are both eating people and raping them? It makes sense. The base urges of a human being is to eat and breed.

Vampires seem to be the same thing but with their intelligence entirely present. They are more like people. You can talk to them and hold a conversation. Nevertheless they are still not who they once were. The human that once was that person has moved on to the next realm. Although cultured and civilized, the vampire is still dead and acting on its natural urges like an animal. They still need to feed, and perhaps the sexual aspect of the human animal comes out better with them than with popularized zombies.

In both cases, I've noticed that the energy that remains in the dead body does expend quite fast. This forces the zombie and/or vampire to seek ways of replenishing its lost energy. A zombie will gore a living human. A vampire will suck a living human's blood. If either cannot do this, realistically it should expire within an amount of time, or at the very least fall into a dormant state.

So shouldn't they die again when the energy runs out? Is a dormant state even plausible? The answer: Well, I think that if the dead body was able to hold in its energy in the first place it might be able to keep that small amount inside it indefinitely. So the idea of an undead creature merely dropping into a dormant state, such as a vampire lasting centuries within a coffin, seems plausible. But without that ability, it would naturally expire, a second death, and that would be the end of it.

I hope you enjoyed this more realistic look into how zombies and vampires would realistically function.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Death and the Release of Energy

In a recent blog, I explained that an massive amount of energy is released when a human dies, but I don't think I did a very good job explaining why. I kind of did it a little bit in the response to one of the comments, but it really ought to be within the blog itself. So I'll lay it out for you as clearly as I can.

Energy is the ability to do work. Things move when there is energy present. If you try to remain perfectly still, you will still wobble a bit. Your heart is still pumping blood through your body. That pumping wracks your body with a pulsating movement that is near impossible to control. You can't stay still. You just can't.

The reason your heart beats at all is because of energy. Without energy, everything would just stop moving. If you want to know what a lack of energy looks like, gaze upon a rock for about an hour or so. No, you don't have to do it, but I am sure you can imagine what it would be like. It's just going to sit there and do absolutely nothing for the entire hour. Now give the rock a shove and watch it roll around. That is you transferring energy from yourself into the inanimate rock which causes it to be momentarily animated. It's very brief. The rock will ultimately stop moving again.

The human body is full of energy that we do have to replenish from time to time. Some of it we used to work physically, and it can be used in social situations as well, as to inspire someone. If you encourage someone to do something, you are transferring energy to them. It leaves you and goes into them, at which point they can use it or waste it.

So now let's talk about death. I don't want you thinking energy bursting out at the moment of death as an obligatory thing. It happens for a reason. Remember the rock experiment? What happened when the rock stopped moving? It stopped. It stopped because the energy that was moving it was expended. A dead body is much like a rock. It's a bit of a pointless thing that tends to just lay there until someone moves it.

The reason there is such a huge energy burst when a human dies is because, when a human dies, it suddenly goes from being a very mobile thing to very inert. The energy can't exist within it and so it is forcefully ejected out of it. Now this is, of course, the majority of it. There is still little bits of energy still in there which assist in the decomposition of the body, but human potential is far greater than what is needed for that. It expends out in whatever corridors it was provided by the human while he was alive, and this usually means into other humans.

So in short, energy leaves the body in massive amounts because it had no reason to be within a dead body to begin with. I mean... what is the dead body going to do with it? Energy always has to go somewhere. Since we already know energy can be transferred through methods that don't require direct contact, the energy is sent off to its new location expediently and sometimes over the course of a matter of time. But it always goes somewhere.

I hope this better clarifies things.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: If God Was Proven

Question: If there was verifiable proof that the one great almighty God existed, would all people ultimately follow him?

First off, let me explain my question. Let's say that tomorrow, God fully comes out and stand before us. Jesus is at his side. There are miracles everywhere and there is absolutely no way to not know it's true. This is the scenario I am saying. What if God really opened up and revealed to us that he was real and entirely the one at the top who created you and everything here. In this case, would all people drop whatever other paths they were taking and follow him?

Answer: Not everyone. In fact, the majority of people would probably try and get as far away from Him as possible. This sort of scenario has already been tested in something called The Old Testament.

In the first half of the Bible, everyone pretty much knew that God existed. It was an age of mysticism where everyone knew that fairies were real. Devils, demons, and divine entities were common knowledge. The theocratic laws were made by God himself and even written on stone. We all knew that God wrote those words.

Everyone pretty much knew God was there and had ultimate power, but there were other voices that sounded a whole lot sweeter. People were told that, if they ignored God and followed a different authority, the benefits were so much greater. And like many people do, they went with the authority that sounded less restrictive and, most times, more hedonistic.

This all worked really well. There's hardly a point in knowing there is a one true God if you're just going to go worship devils and demons instead. There was a downside, however. In The Old Testament, there was a chance that, if you ignored God enough, he could actually punish you. Sodom and Gomorrah are a perfect example of this.

God doesn't really intervene like that anymore. We've established a new covenant with Christ which pretty much gives us the freedom to just pick whoever we want. And now that the age of mysticism has ended, the question of the reality of God has come up. Christians strive to prove his existence, and Atheists constantly ask that God make himself known. But as I said, this has already tested out. The firm knowledge of God won't actually change anyone's mind.

Some people just don't want what God and Jesus is offering. And the very idea that they should be punished for not wanting Him angers them all the more. So no... If God were to come out and prove himself, it wouldn't matter. People have always turned against their Creator since the beginning of time. It's nothing new. These people don't need proof of God. They merely need the desire to love Him, and that is entirely up to them. All we can do is tell them the story.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Our Divine Spinoff Book Update

My time has freed up a lot lately, and so I redirected a lot of my efforts to working on the book version of Our Divine Spinoff. This, of course, is the supreme version of the sequel (or spinoff) to my already published book Our Divine Comedy.

I had put off work on it for a number of months due to my job and other obligations. But now I am finally getting close to finishing it. The illustrations are being worked on at the moment. Once they are finished, I'll format the manuscript and send it off to Amazon.com for publication.

Our Divine Spinoff will feature a much cleaner narrative than its blog counterpart. All typos are fixed, and some of the grammar has been corrected to be a bit easier to read. Each and every chapter will have a commentary attached to it, similar to what I did in Our Divine Comedy. And likewise, there will be an illustration for every chapter in the book.

I did struggle for a long time with the title. Our Divine Spinoff sounds a bit weird. But the book is simply not a sequel. It takes place during the timeline of the original book. Some portions of it does not even come from the Bible itself. So it's really more of a spinoff in the end. I've become more and more comfortable with the title as time has gone by.

It is my hope to have the book published within the next month or two. I am rushing it a bit. At this point, it's just a wait to get the illustrations finished. The book will have nearly fifty illustrations which is more than any book I have ever published. The illustrator, Chris Buffaloe, assures me that he is up to the task, and I believe him.

Finally, I will be dedicating the book to fellow author and friend Shawn O'Toole. I had the idea to do it quite recently, and there is now nothing more I wish to do but just that. There was a half-and-half reason for doing this, The first half will be included in the short but sweet dedication. The other half is that he really, really liked the first book and has spent enough time talking to me about it that I think it's probably a good idea to give him the dedication.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I consider the dedication page as cannon to my work. Although a dedication is not usually considered a part of the narrative, I think that the Our Divine books often feel like a story about itself, and the author often becomes a part of its creation. I feel that mentioning the dedication as well as the little caveat included with it, will add to the many other reasons that explain why this book was written in the first place. So for this reason, the dedication to Shawn O'Toole is canon and forever immortalized as a part of Our Divine.

With that, I suppose a little plug for the original book is in order. Check the information below:

Our Divine Comedy Paperback: $13.33 CLICK HERE!

Our Divine Comedy Kindle Version: $3.33 CLICK HERE!

And as always...

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: First Men in the Moon (1964 Film)

[Some spoilers.]

What a wonderful film this is. 1964's major scifi film "First Men in the Moon" has been a treat for me to watch since I was very young. The movie is adapted from an H.G. Wells book of the same name. It tells of a surprisingly believable story about a two men and a woman who travel to the moon in the surprising year of 1899.

Because the movie was made before we actually first set foot on the moon, the writers try and envision something of a pipe dream of what the first modern moon landing would be like. Hilariously, they saw it as a world-wide joint venture conducted by the U.N. Something that would never have happened back them and pretty much would not happen today. At least, they gave the first step to an American. Even so, the intro to the film is really not the best part of it. The story picks up when they find out that man had been up there before.

The 1899 portion of the movie goes out of its way to explain how a low tech ship could not only make it to the moon but make it back. The scientist who came up with the idea was hilarious. In fact all the characters were very entertaining.

As you might expect from old science fiction, the moon was inhabited by an alien race, but they were very well developed and interesting in the film. Their culture and lore was well explained. I am really trying to avoid too many spoilers here, so just bear with me.

For 1964, the special effects were extremely well done. From the ship, to the planet's surface, to the alien architecture, everything about this movie is wonderful to see. Nothing but top notch work was utilized in this movie. Even today, it blows my mind.

I was really happy to see this because the 60's are not really well known for taking scifi so seriously. I mean... Yes, the characters were a little goofy, but it never distracts from the seriousness of the scenario.

I think the thing that always surprises me about this movie is how much it excites me despite the very real fact that none of it is true. We know how the real moon-landing went. There were no aliens up there. In fact, the idea of aliens being inside the moon is a bit silly now. But this movie really brings the idea to life. They did such a great job.

I entirely recommend this movie for people who like dark or exciting scifi movies. The movie is available on DVD, but it is a bit expensive. The better option is to go through Amazon Prime. It's not free, but it is the cheaper alternative, and they have an absolutely superb HD remaster of it. Watch this movie!

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Infinity Doesn't Care

Ladies and gentlemen, you were created by an infinite being. You were created by a single infinite being. An eternal [one.] Here are some interesting things about good ol' infinity.

∞ - 1 = ∞ [Infinity doesn't care.]

∞ + 1 = ∞ [Infinity still doesn't care.]

∞ - 10,000 = ∞ [Look. It didn't matter. Infinity doesn't care.]

∞ - ∞ = ∞ [Ha! You thought that would work. Infinity doesn't care.]

∞ ÷ 0 = ∞ [Nope. Nice try. It exists whether or not your calculator is busted. Infinity doesn't care.]

Take a circle. Cut a piece out of it. Now divide what's left into segments. Now divide the segments into segments. Now keep doing it. At some point you are going to realize that you can just keep doing it forever. But isn't the circle broken? [Infinity doesn't care.]

Take ∞ and ignore it. [Infinity doesn't care.]

Take ∞ and give it your complete attention. [It appreciates your attention but yet still doesn't care.]

Can you fit ∞ into a thimble? Yes. How? [Because infinity doesn't care.]

No matter how big something is or how small small something it, it's still embodies ∞. There is no size or mass that cannot fit into any space. ∞ is in everything. And in everything there is [one.] And whenever you think that you have any sort of superiority over anything in this universe, there is one thing that you should always remember: [Infinity doesn't care.]

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