Monday, October 14, 2013

The Plight of Petalweight by T.K. Wade

Oh! What words are there to say, dear Petalweight, when the very essence of love and duty are at stake?! It seems that nothing but nothing will do, and verily, I shall fail for all attempts at its undertaking! Shall I cry to the heavens as I very well did with my thoughts that morning in Clawstone?! Shall such a caterwaul bring me aid of divine origin so that my words will be all the more illustrious?!

Oh Munus, forsake me not! I have finally found myself ensnared within the binding throes of doubt! I fear what lies before me in yonder, glorious abode which surely holds her comely countenance! Whether loves or hated by all whom live among our country, this woman is apart from them all, and my life to hers is but a stark difference than any other combination! This day would always have clashed into destiny!

Hidden within all that wood, and brick, and metal is a vision more beautiful than the Great One himself! To speak her name would cause a stammer brought upon me by my own beating heart! J-J-Jubilee! You see?! It cannot be said without an incessant pounding! I have been reduced to a blatherskite, for my heart has consumed my very talents!

Hist! I am not worthy of her, I fear! I didst partake in the ocean of love, and despite how glorious it was, I threw myself hence into the flames of lust! Meaningless lust! Mooncalf! To find such brilliant reflecting light and drown it with tar and fettered shackles: it is the errand of fools to play the role! Curses to whatever part of this wretched poet that would find his diamond and so cast it to the cliffs for bits of glass! Think no pleasant thoughts of me, oh, worshipers of True Grace!

But I am not the same rodent who has since been driven out of halls of blue flame. I have traveled abroad, I have seen men fight and die, I have explored the world beyond the heavens and have seen more than you might expect. I have made a covenant to a gift-giving mouse of the stars who has granted me far more than any jerboa should possess. This house which lies before me holds my destiny, and this destiny calls the good in me that we must soon dance.

Mock the passage of time with solemn footsteps to my forward clash. Damn the beating of the fevered heart which plagues the actions of someone who must do what he must. The intensity of not knowing. The growing pain of possible rejection. Am I to be crushed by whomever she has chosen over me?

There has been much time. To be sure, this is but a fool’s errand as she should not deserve to be unaccompanied throughout such a lonely life upon the earth. I consider not this man to be a rival but a reaper of the last fruit that I should have taken, and now, it is lost if such a tragedy has occurred. But even through all this, I must confess to her what spirits wrestle within my heart for her–dormant they may have become–but that time has awakened them once more, and the truth must be told.

And as these destinies come to a most certain clatter and chime, I find myself at peace with myself. I shall knock upon this door, and in doing so, speak my heart to this woman so that–at the very least–she will know that I love her.

Monday, September 16, 2013

"The Lost Child" has been published!

I have just released "Adventures of Cottontail Pines: The Lost Child" to Smashwords. It is available for download FREE OF CHARGE! Just click the following link, and you can read this fun new adventure!

"The Lost Child" is a bit more dramatic than the other four stories, but it still holds true to all the characters. The aspect I liked the most about this one was Wily the fox and his strange relationship with the villain, Fang the wolf. (This is why I made sure that the cover would focus on them.) Whether you are young or old, I am sure you will be rather intrigued how this one plays out. Without a doubt, this tale was written for everyone.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Agents of the Eye and Ear

I have been friends with author Shawn O'Toole for a very long time. One of the first short stories that he introduced to me was his "Eye and Ear" stories. Only recently, I was able to convince him to publish these three stories, so I wanted to put up a brief promotion for it because I really think it is a series that deserves to be read.
Just imagine all those spy movies that you have seen: Mission: Impossible, James Bond... This story is very much a spy story, but the main difference is that it is set in a fantasy world with its primary creature: elves. Now, unlike those movies that I mentioned, this story is much more serious and realistic. The characters are amazingly well represented and there is some fun variety between them.

Do me a favor, and give this one a try. I promise you that you will come out it with a smile on your face and perhaps a bit of inspiration. The three stories (in the order that they were written) are "Lady of the Eye and Ear," "Companions of the Eye and Ear," "Soldiers of the Eye and Ear." You can find them at Smashwords free of charge at the following link:

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Reading to a Writer

A friend of mine once told me that if you want to write, you should also read. This is very true! I had begun writing before I had any interest in reading, and I would say that even though I liked my stories then, they really could have been better.

Nearing the end of 2012, I decided that I should seriously take on reading as a hobby. I decided to begin with the classics, because they are the stories that have lasted generations and have proven themselves. My first book was "Of Mice and Men." My author friend Shawn O'Toole made fun of me because he supposed I might have thought it was a book about a mice which everyone knows I love. I knew well what I was getting into, however.

I read the book rather slowly-as I was not used to reading-and by the end of it, I found that it was an experience that I needed more of. I cried by the end of that book, and my heart had been warmed as if I had been apart of the entire account portrayed by the author.

After taking some time to decide what classic I would tackle next, I chose "Moby Dick." I think this book was a turning point for me, for I had found a style that really pleased me. I began reading other stories by Melville as well. "Typee" and "Omoo" ended up being my favorite.

Since then, I have been trying to write in a 19th century style in a couple of books I have been working on. I really love how it sounds to me, and I am taking it very seriously. Stories from that era drive my inspiration for all things forward, and I find myself thinking about different scenarios and happenings that I wish to put into new adventures.

As I said before, anyone who wants to write should read as well, and I think that when they find that certain author or style that they love the most, it will really open up their minds to new ideas that they can implement into their own works. Inspiration and imagination are wonderful things especially when they work in conjunction.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Adventurer has been Published!

This is actually coming late. I became very ill shortly after I went through the publishing process. My new book "Adventures in Cottontail Pines - The Adventurer" has been published through Smashwords!
In this new tale, a famed mouse adventurer named Rocky Road comes to visit Cottontail Pines. Gumdrop right away becomes his biggest fan and wants to spend all her time with him. Unfortunately, Flopsy begins to think that her best friend doesn't want to hang out with her anymore.

This is a cute story about how jealousy can creep into our hearts told through a cast of lovable and adorable animals. Let's face it, I totally love writing stuff like this.

If you want to pick up a copy, free of charge, head on over to Smashwords by clicking the following link:

Also keep in mind that my stories also appear in places like the Barns and Noble eBook app, Kobo, Deisel, and Sony Reader. I like to give people lots of options.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rodent Spotlight: Rat

I think most people prefer to see rats as villains, and there is a very good reason for it. In real life, they are absolutely a nuisance. They breed faster than we can control them, and they spread diseases and leave droppings everywhere. They are about as detestable as it gets.

I think this is why they are often portrayed as the bad guys. I really do not mind this! They are big and scary things. Rats are also very glutenous and can get large and fat! I like to see them portrayed as such.

In the movie "Heidi's Song," rats were displayed as purely detestable creatures who loved filth and wanting nothing but to be nasty and bad. There was even a great song about it.

Interestingly enough, Pixar made a movie called Ratatouille that actually showed a sweeter side of rats while STILL showing the nasty ways they live among us. I totally approved of this as well.

My first novel (unpublished until I can get it up to par with my current stuff) was all about the rats, but I showed both sides to them. I see them as the bad guy, but I also believe they can be a strong, powerful force of good if they choose that kind of life. I think that all species of rodent can be shown with both sides in some ways. Imagine if a mouse gained a rat as a companion. What a great ally that would be in whatever trials he would face! But still, you have to admit, it's great to see them staring down at you with those evil eyes of red, and you just know that his intentions will be less than civilized.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rodent Spotlight: Mouse

What do we love about mice? Is it their big round ears, their pointy nose, their little whiskers, or there pink, long, furry tails? It's likely all of the above. I heard that real mice are actually quite tribal and uncultured in reality, but we always portray them as cute, lovable creatures to be adored in fiction.

I always like to look at animals from the stylized viewpoint. I see mice as very timid in stature but with a will of iron. They are fearful and weak, but they do everything they can to strive for success.

The mouse is the hero of the story and rarely the villain. And often, the villain in his story is much larger and oppressive then the mouse could ever be.

The mouse is also very creative! He can make inventions out of anything! An overturned cup becomes a tent, a thimble becomes a cooking pot, and a needle becomes a sword.

Most importantly, we see mice as cute and lovable. That is what draws us to them so much. So, let's hear it for those little squeakers and all their adorable, little antics!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

"Goober's Cousin" has been published on Smashwords!

That’s right! The third installment of “Adventures in Cottontail Pines" has been published on Smashwords! Check out this awesome cover me and Coy Fields II put together!
In this third adventure, “Goober’s Cousin,” Goober finds out that he will be visited by his Aunt Maple and his very young cousin, Waffle. At first, Goober is very excited about meeting his cousin. The only problem is that Waffle is very hyperactive and hard to control, and Goober has a very important homework assignment to finish. Will Goober be able to handle both his school work and a cute, rambunctious tyke all at once?

You can download this story FREE OF CHARGE from Smashwords at the following link:

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Tranquility Abode by Shawn O'Toole

I would like to take a moment to promote one of my friend's stories. Shawn O'Toole, a very good writer of action/adventure and erotica, has published an excellent story by the name of Tranquility Abode (as seen below.)
This is a very intense and well-written story that involves quite a lot of different sides to it. I think that latter point was what made it so much fun. It was a little hard to pick a faction in which you could side with as a reader. They all were so well developed and fun.

This is most definitely a scifi story with many different reasons to love it. It had cloned henchwomen wielding sub-machine guns, hermaphrodite aliens with four arms, and a gun-toting mercenary who easily earns the title of "bad-ass."  It was quite erotic too, so do not say that I did not warn you. But for those of you who like science fiction as I do, this is definitely worth your time.

The story can be found on Smashwords, and it has been doing very well there since it was published. Here is a link:

You can also follow him on Google+. Here is his profile page:

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

My Love of Rodents

Mice, rats, squirrels, jerboas: these are just a few of the many rodents that I love. It is safe to say that most of what I have written (not published) have been about them. For the past two years, I have been working on a novel series which I call Tooth and Tail in which all the characters are rodents. It is quite possibly the most fun I have ever had writing, and I am unsure if I will ever find a true end to it.

Throughout my entire life, I have been drawn to the cute little creatures in film. One of the most inspirational, animated movies I have ever seen is one called "A Mouse and his Child." It is about two toy mice that go on this amazing quest to become self-winding. I suppose this is a clever way of saying alive if you are a toy. The movie was adapted from a book, and I really like them both equally. That story also did some amazing things concerning rats as characters.

I am sure that most everyone remembers "The Secret of NIMH." Don Bluth's adaptation of the original book, in my opinion, outdid the original story by far. I liked the book, but the movie was just better. There was a magical element added to the film that just gave power to the whole presentation. Elizabeth
 Hartman's portrayal of Mrs. Brisby was inspired. She really gave the mouse the particular timidity that she had in the book.

My favorite comic book is called "Mouse Guard," which is about a guild of mice who travel about their territory doing good deeds for the citizens. This is actually the story that inspired me to write "Tooth and Tail." I hope to have that published someday.

There are many other films and stories out there that star mice, and I read and watch them when I can. They are very inspiring to me. I guess it had to do with having something so small be so important. If you think about it, this is not always done with mice. In "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins is a very small and mousy individual, but even he does amazing things by the story's end. And just to be clear, I am very fond of that tale as well. There is something very endearing about that set-up.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Blacky the Hero" published on Smashwords!

Well, I have just published my new children's book, "Adventures in Cottontail Pines - Blacky The Hero." You can find it on Smashwords right here:
In this story, Blacky the skunk saves his friend, Walnut the squirrel, from a scary wolf. Although, it was not his intention, the entire town hails the normally grumpy skunk as a hero! Unfortunately, it looks like all the fame goes straight to his head. Hehe.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Different Genres

As I have said before, I enjoy exploring different genres in my writing. I like to find at least one thing that I enjoy about every kind of story, and when I write it, I try my best to capitalize on that point. Here are some of the genres that I have written for in the past and what I found in it that I enjoyed:

Comedy or Madcap: These are really two different types, but I have often combined the two before. Comedy allows me to take my own sense of humor and wit and give it to the reader for their enjoyment. There is no need to always be serious, and the drama can, at times, be light. Madcap stories really do not need to ever be serious though, and are entirely intended to allow the reader to relax and not take it seriously.

Comedy is really something that works well into serious drama for moments of levity. If you go too crazy with a dark story line and never allow the reader to relax, it can really drag that person down. Adding some comedy to an otherwise dramatic tale can solve this, and it can also make the characters feel more real. I like this.

Drama: This is probably my favorite and something I, to some degree, have implemented into all my stories. I love close interactions between my characters and showing that there is a real event happening in which they have to live through. Preferably, if I am going to write a drama, it will be a serious one.

Western: Recently, I published a western called "The Untold Legend of Pecos Bill."
This was a tall tale, and I really found myself relaxed when I wrote it. For one thing, I did not have to make sure that everything I had in it was perfectly accurate. With tall tales, the storyteller is supposed to toss his own ideas into the mix and not worry too much if he goes overboard with it all. I also enjoyed the talking animals. It was really conducive to my own creativity.

Horror: Not my favorite, but because I am so big on drama, there is plenty for me to do. There are some types of horror that really drive me forward. Cthulhu Mythos is very cool with its lurking terror aspect, and I am a big fan of the way Twin Peaks did it. So, I can still do the genre justice.

Childrens: This is my chance to put in all my cute talking animals. I am just about always inspired for this. But I would like to point out that I do write it so that adults can enjoy it too. Besides, I am unsure if children really can appreciate what I write to a proper extent.

These are all I will leave you with for now. Thanks for reading my blog! If you have any comments or questions, you can post here or to my email at Also, be sure to check out my author's page at Smashwords:

About T.K. Wade (Me!)

Hi! I am T.K. Wade. I am writer living in Coastal North Carolina. Although, I suppose I started writing back in 2000, I really kicked it into high gear only about five years ago. You can find many of my published works (most of them free of charge) on Smashwords at the following address:

You may notice that I have written stories in a wide range of genres. I really try not to limit myself in writing, and I always try to find something I like in every type of story (even ones I am not fond of.) For example, I have written a number of horror stories--a genre that I do not like very much.

The types of stories I like the most are cute stories staring animal characters. "Adventures in Cottontail Pines" is a great example of this. As you can see from the cover (featured below), it is quite adorable.

In general, I am very obsessive over cute things, especially of the rodent variety. I love mice, and I will probably be talking about them in this blog from time to time. Rodents give me a lot of inspiration, and I will almost always buy a movie, book, game, or comic if it features them. In the story that I mentioned above, there is a mouse character named Gumdrop, who I love. You can see her sitting on top of the bunny's head.

Anyways, expect more from me concerning my stories, personal interests, and other things on this blog. I will do my best to keep 'em coming regularly. If you have any comments or questions, send them my way. I can also be reached at