Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Wise Man

A bit different than an oracle, you have the titular wise man who everyone looks up to and respects for his great wisdom. Whether or not this man is getting his wisdom from a supernatural force is unimportant. The fact that he has something to say and that everyone listens to him speak these important words is enough for him to be given the title.

Wise men are not prophets. They do not know the future. However they may be able to foresee the future based on what they know of either past events or human nature. People listen to him say completely common sense things and act as if they had never thought of such things before. It doesn't take long for the people to forget these words of wisdom though. Why? Well... if they remembered everything, what would they need the wise man for?

The problem with the wise man is they often do very little within the world but simply put out these words. And sadly, what they say is often a rehash of a previous piece of advice. The reason for this is because a wise man is still one man. He is not so much the bearer of great knowledge but just someone who knows how to spin a few ideas in so many ways that it leads people to think they are hearing new and fresh things each time. It works fine with small minded people, at least.

In fairy tales, a wise man is often given a high position. However this high position is often rather secluded. Sometimes the phrase "high position" is taken literally, and the wise man can be placed at the top of a high tower or mountain. This forces the protagonist to go through great trials just to hear one man speak. The words the wise man says is supposed to be the one thing the protagonist needs to hear, yet I am still left wondering what it means to purposely put oneself out of the way like that.

The wise man on top of the mountain is often placed only as high as his own personal ego. He believes that seclusion benefits the clarity of his powerful and wise thinking mind, but it only allows him comfortable counsel with the one whom he enjoys the most, himself. And despite how friendly he seems, I calculate that there is a misery to being all alone up there, while the humans down on earth are working on their own things despite whatever the wise man has to say.

And I think that's the big problem with wise men. People always listen to them, but nobody really learns from them. They will sing his praises for speaking with a certain poetic wit, but common sense is either going to come to them or not based on who they are. I see people give praise to people who speak candidly without actually learning a blasted thing at the very same time. This rather strips the wise man of power due to his apparent irrelevance. And on the other side, the wise man was pretty much an unrelatable hack to begin with.

Remember that wise men are just men. They may be old and hairy but they can only say things based on what they know. They will spout off life experiences in an endless stream of repetitive, rehashed poetry, but at the end of the day, it is up to you to judge life for yourself. Let the wise man sit upon his mountain. Let him ramble on endlessly about the life we honestly already understand. Form your own conscious and, at the end of the day, make sure your decisions are your own. The wise man won't be joining you. He's been up there too long, and the ladder apparently fell apart. Poor guy...

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Sovereign Citizens vs. Fairy Lore

If you have not heard of the Sovereign Citizen moment, I'll try and get you up to speed. In very basic terms, a Sovereign Citizen is someone who believes that they are not bound by the laws of any government by dint of them being naturally born human beings upon planet Earth. Because planet Earth has no real stated laws, this "allows" the Sovereign Citizen to abide by the rules they prefer. If they don't make up their own laws, they will pick laws, either in effect or obsolete, to suit their argument. Under this misuse of law, they can get away with quite a lot of crimes such as the illegal appropriation of someone's property, various traffic infractions, and, in some cases, murder.

The Sovereign Citizen is well trained in the misuse of law in order to confuse the system into a mere standstill. They can litigate cases to the brink of it almost not even being worth it for the courts to deal with. Sometimes they get away with it; often they don't. But even if the law triumphs, the damage is already done. They know what they are doing, and everything they do is done with an outstanding personal conviction of which they are often willing to suffer or die for.

But what really is the Sovereign Citizen fighting for ultimately? We'll get back to that in a little bit.

I have examined these Sovereign Citizens for a while now. Information on them is not hard to come by because they have a tendency to record all the incidents themselves as a mean to promote their own propaganda. It makes it rather easy to watch how they operate. I always take them seriously when they speak. I listen to what they have to say. I hear them, Most importantly, I notice what they sound like.

Fairies of lore are usually demons. A demon is the hybrid creature of a fallen angel (or devil) and... well... something mortal. It doesn't have to be human. It could be animal or plant, but the result is usually something that turns out with a certain amount of intelligence. One thing that is usually very common among fairies/demons is that they obsess over doing things in a very particular way. They abide by a set of rules and simply refuse to do things differently. The conviction in these rules are similar to that which you see among the Sovereign Citizens.

The apprehension of property is an interesting thing to consider. I have read up on a few stories of Sovereign Citizens squatting on property already owned by someone else. They even produce documents that prove they can do it, and it can take many years for the law to get them to leave. This reminds me a lot of the troll who tends to take up residents under bridges. They even charge people tolls to cross it. People had difficulty dealing with trolls, and likewise, they had trouble dealing with Sovereign Citizens.

Demons are extremely fond of contracts... as long as they are the ones making the contracts. They despise being forced into the contracts of others, especially humans, because they are obsessive compulsive enough to honor them. In some cases, they would rather commit suicide than actually deal with being apart of a human's contract. This sometimes happens when they get tricked. Rumpelstiltskin is a good example of this.

The latter situation is similar to how Sovereign Citizens show such conviction in their arguments. In likewise fashion, they avoid getting involved with the contracts of this world and its governments. Yet they will still write their own contracts and impose it on others. Sovereign Citizens are rather fairy like.

Some Sovereign Citizens (not all of them) believe that the earth is flat. They refute all scientific findings in all of history and can even explain to you why none of it is true. This is also a sign of unwavering conviction. They really do believe that the Earth is flat because they decided that they would. I once said in a blog from way long ago that belief is a choice. They have convinced themselves that this is true, and why not? If a person can choose to believe that the world is flat, they can pretty much write their own rules and laws from that point in. Believing in a flat earth is more like a chant of conviction than a real thing. It is a little like saying that 2+2=5, and as long as you can believe that, you can believe anything you want no matter how much it is refuted.

Fairies often had the tendency to believe in things that were untrue. It assisted them in doing the things they believed needed to be done. Conviction is a powerful thing, especially if you are willing to die for it. Fairies were often willing to die for their beliefs. They were not often cowards. Suicide was often a thing with fairies when the truth was unceremoniously thrown in their faces. Sovereign Citizens are almost always ready to die.

So what are the Sovereign Citizens fighting for? What's the answer? Well... right now... not much. They have been trained by videos online or by others who are a part of the movement. It makes them feel entitled to the world itself, but, at the moment, they are sort of floundering about without someone to lead them.

The concept of entitlements was originally the idea of Lucifer when he felt cheated by God. He did not think it was fair to be born in a lower position than his creator. Ever since then, he had tried hard to pass on this sense of entitlement to the people of Earth--people he does not really care about, by the way. The Sovereign Citizens are acting like fairies and demons likely because they were trained by them. They are not coming up with anything original anymore, as humans are meant to do, but simply spewing out the complaints of Satan directly from the devil's own hand writing. They are the personal foot soldiers of Lucifer's personal army... but as of now... they have not been activated.

Human beings are amazing creatures when they strive to bring new and wonderful things to this world. Humans who stick to rules of entitlement give nothing to the world. The trolls who once took over bridges did nothing to help this world. It's only about them, and they are the worst kind of evil. They are the lukewarm rubbish who have unknowingly sworn their allegiance to an entity who truly hates them. And if they are ever given the power, you won't be laughing at their antics anymore. The world will end, and they will see to your destruction moments before they are destroyed themselves.

Humans were never meant to behave like fairy folk. Remember that.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Black Smoke Hallway

The second hallway mentioned in my previous blog, called The Key, was a deceptively solid hallway made of black smoke with a soft purple sky above head (no ceiling). Unlike the Neon-Strip Hallway, this one was not discovered in a dream. I simply ran across it while awake. I believe it happened about a year or so ago. Weirdly I experienced severe deja vu upon my arrival. There is a possibility that I had been there before at an earlier time.

In the Neon-Strip Hallway, there were doors on both the left and right of the hall. In the Black Smoke Hallway, the doors were only on the right side. The hall also curved slightly to the right which makes it impossible to see to the end of it. I have walked the hallway quite the distance but have not discovered an ending. In fact, I think it may be a circle.

In my mind's eye, I do not see a circle, yet it would stand to reason that, if a hallway were to perpetually curve in the same way to the right, it would inevitably complete the cycle and form a circle. That's grounded physical reasoning, mind you. I am using grounded reasoning to figure out something figurative. Therefore, it might not work the way it seems.

Another reason to believe that it is not forming a circle is the fact that the doors never seem to loop. The further in I go, the doors always open up into something new and different. It is possible that I am just not going far enough. I'm not good at math. I tend to lose count extremely easily.

As I walk this hallway, I get the feeling that these are doors that I am not supposed to be opening. All the more reason for me to open them, as I see it. I've never really liked the idea of avoiding an unknown. I really dislike the idea. If something is hidden, I want to know what it is. So I open these doors when I have the time.

To open one of these black smoke doors is to be inside of it and know what it means to be there. These are the dark ideas of the universe which many would say should not even exist at all. They are the impossible. Although impossible, they yet have weight. They exist in a very real way and can be explained through simple exposition.

I like to go into these places and stare at the things I see there... sometimes with wide, terror-filled eyes. Terror isn't so bad. Terror to me can sometimes feel like a shocking infatuation with something remarkable. I blink and cock my head. I part my lips and show my teeth. Reactions in this place tend to bounce back. They are a part of the experience as a whole.

What I see within the Black Smoke Hallway is very personal and, I believe, quite necessary for my growth as a person. There is no room for children in this place. No room for small minds. It's just too scary. But for me, it's never scary enough. That's why I keep opening doors. I allow myself to fall into the abyss and see what pretty dark things I find along the way down.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Neon-Strip Hallway

In my blog The Key, I mentioned two hallways found within the deepness of my mind. The first of the two I mentioned was a dark hallway with a glowing neon strip that ran down both sides of the hall. The doors in this hallway, located on both sides of the hall, were sliding doors with locking mechanisms to the left of each door. I also mentioned that these sliding doors all led into bedrooms. I want to talk more about this hallway as I explore it further.

The hallway was found near the beginning of my writing career. I was writing a now decommissioned story series called Shelter at the time. I was well into the series by the time this happened. I found the hallway in a dream and felt myself walking slowly through the hall. It was dark which caused the glowing neon strip that ran down the middle of each wall to show especially well.

These strips created a very particular ambiance that rather touched me, even to this very day. I think there may have been music playing too. Calm music. No real melody to it. Something you might listen to while sitting alone in a planetarium.

I remember that, at the time, these sliding doors were locked. I pressed my ear to one of them and heard whimpering... or moaning. It was unclear. There was no way, even in the dream, to see what was on the other side unless the door would open. I was only getting audio cues to work off of.

I did find one door that opened, and I can tell you what I saw on the inside. The door opened into the left front corner of a bedroom. There was a dresser to my immediate right made of wood. Nothing directly ahead of me. To the back right was an elevated space where a bed was. The bed had a canopy. Nobody was in there. It was just an empty bedroom ready for use. I left to try more doors.

Me feelings of being in this hallway was that I was looking for someone. Someone who needed me. Someone was in one of these rooms and I had to find them and get them out of a bad situation. Although I can't perfectly remember how the dream ended, I do think that I did eventually find who I was looking for and made away with that person.

My intuition knew something else about this hallway. There was a small elevator at the end which may have been made of glass. The elevator can go either up or down, but I only knew it to go one floor up. There is an elliptical room up there with an extremely red glowing console. There is also a window up there that looked down upon a large area. I do not know what is down there. I don't even think it's all that important, to be honest.

You see, my mind always returns to the neon-strip hallway. I return there often and walk through it slowly. I avoid the elevator. I don't even care about the elevator. These bedrooms are all open to me now, and the people I meet in there need my help. I help them and good things come from their being saved.

Understand that I am not dreaming anymore when I go there. I only found this hallway while I slept. I can just as easily go there while I am awake. The hallway has many doors, and I have yet to open them all. I'm still opening them. I am still finding people in them. I'm here because I'm supposed to be. That's all there is to it.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Oracle

I've noticed that in some fantasy stories, you may run into a character known as either a  high priest, shaman, witch doctor, prophet, or oracle. The different names generally denote where the story came from, but the general idea is the same. This character is a man who lives by the spirit rather than the flesh. He understands the ebb and flow of the universe and does what he can to interpret these motions. In this way, he can often predict the future.

It's a strange thing to look upon another human being as being significantly in touch with forces unseen. They, in many ways, don't seem human at all. There's a weird look in their eyes which we often akin to paranoia or fear, yet they are clearly busy doing their best to interpret what they are experiencing so that we can know what they know, for better or worse.

Oracles are best known for there abilities to predict cataclysms. These prophecies can generally be filled with a lot of wailing and bodily spasms. The actual words uttered can be painfully cryptic, but otherwise clear that something very deadly is on the way. We don't hear much about oracles predicting happy things because it wouldn't make for a very interesting story without some sort of conflict. There are some formulas that are more common than others.

I think the thing that fascinated me most is what is actually happening to these people. Oracles are usually portrayed within more tribal settings, and I honestly think they belong there. Some might think that these people are using the spiritual realm as a tool to predict things, but I wonder if it's really the opposite. What if entities within the spiritual realm were using him as a tool?

A lot of the uncanny valley of the oracles come from the craziness in there eyes. There is also a strangeness in their movements as well. They are weird. Simply weird. Normal human beings don't act like they do. It is a good example of what happens to a human being who gives himself to forces that are incompatible with him.

When people see the oracle acting like this, they treat him with reverence. The man is placed above them as linked with spirits that are helping him see the truth. And I think they really are too. Although to get mixed up in the agenda of a spirit guide is a bit one-sided. If they turn against you, there's nothing you can do.

In fiction, the oracle is often revered even by the reader. There's something fun and magical about this person who has set himself apart from the others. He gets his own hut, and is allowed to be as flamboyant or antisocial as he wishes. If it sounds like he is speaking gibberish, that's okay. He's allowed to do that too. The hope is that he will act like a sort of weatherman of fate and let the people of the tribe know when bad things are on the way.

These are great characters in fiction, but realistically, these are poor souls who have given themselves to hostile powers. I'm sorry for them. It's just another situation where man gives up his birthright to beings that simply don't belong here. The only prophecies really worth listening to comes from God himself. He is a being we can relate to. It makes more sense. Beware the false prophet!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Key

Doors are everywhere. They are an enigma until opened, but what if you were not allowed to open them at all. The door is there, but the knob just won't turn. Perhaps what is needed is a key.

There are a number of ways to open a door without finding a key, but there is nothing more eloquent than the act of inserting a key, turning the key, and hearing that notable click that denotes that the door will soon open. Much better than just knocking the thing down, in my humble opinion.

I am the first to admit to the existence of two types of doors in this universe. There are literal doors, and then there are figurative doors. Literal doors can be opened in a number of ways. Dynamite works quite well in most cases. Figurative doors require keys. The information they hold within cannot simply be taken without the proper credentials. But let's talk about the types of keys that these figurative doors may need.

One of my biggest troubles with figurative doors is, at first, knowing that they exist at all. Since you can't see them with your eyes, you certainly would be required to discover them in order to turn the knob. The key to uncharted doors is to know they exist in the first place. You may not necessarily need to insert a key and hear the click. It really is a matter of turning the knob once you find out that it's there.

These doors are often lost somewhere within your mind. There are surface doors which we travel in and out of every day. There are also dark doors in some of the deeper regions of who you are. These doors are often filled with things that are very troubling, but not at all dangerous. I always recommend that they be opened... if you can find them, that is.

Sometime these figurative doors are actually locked. The key used to open them can be a number of things... including a real physical key... if that key meant something to you. Keys are themselves symbols of unlocking. Looking at a key may inspire one of these figurative doors to be unlocked. The type and shape of key certainly is important here, just like they are for literal doors. Similarly to the previous two paragraphs, these physical keys can also help to make the door visible. This is a real thing. Consider looking into it.

As surprising as literal keys opening figurative doors is, you may not find it surprising at all to imagine figurative keys opening likewise figurative doors. A lot of the time these keys can be found through soul searching (as they say). The idea of it is to get enough courage or even reasoning to unlock a particular door. The contents of the door, in these cases, are not always secret, although their significance is almost always hidden from view. Once again, they should be opened at the nearest opportunity.

Ever heard of a rather creepy sort of thing known as a skeleton key? From what I understand, a skeleton key is a specialized key that can unlock any door. I often see them portrayed as an old fashioned key with a skull shape embedded in the base. However real skeleton keys look more like odd tools than actual keys. The former is the preferred image for this example though.

Figurative skeleton keys are real. Yes, I mean it. If you can obtain one, you can open up any one of those deep doors within yourself... if you can find them. Obtaining a figurative skeleton key (especially the cool looking one with the skull in the handle) requires a vast amount of free-thinking and open-mindedness. You have to be willing to open any and every door immediately upon finding them... even if its just a peek. Unlocked doors can always be returned to without the aid of a key.

Inside me there are two hallways that I know of with doors in it. Hallways are wonderful places to find doors. Without doors, the hallways would just go on forever or just reach a dead end. It is the purpose of hallways to lead to exists on either the left or right. The first hallway that I know of, which I found in a dream, is a darkened hallway lit by royal blue neon (light) strips that run along the middle of the walls all the way down. The doors themselves are sliding doors, but still require keys. Interestingly, the locks are to the left of the actual door. I figure that is where the latch for each sliding door is located. These doors all lead to bedrooms.

The second hallway is entirely made of black smoke. The floor is smoke. The walls are smoke. There is no ceiling. The "sky" is represented by a very, very dark purple gradient. The black smoke floor and walls are solid if you put your hand through it about an inch. So there really is something solid I am standing on, but it is shrouded by the black smoke. These doors are more traditional and have knobs and keyholes. The inside of many of these doors are known to me and I react to them in my own way.

There is also the theoretical one great or golden door. Figurative, of course. I don't know anything about this door as a fact. I often think it is a myth created by devils. If it does exist, I really doubt it is as interesting as people make it out to be. My feelings are that the many doors, as a collective, make up the person, and the one golden door, is merely a pipe dream that can't really be found. I could be wrong. I have never seen it or even felt it within the whole of my introspection.

Consider what I have said in today's blog. Consider yourself and try to see if you have similar experiences. What sort of hallways have you been to? What sort of keys have you found? Do you posses a skeleton key? Remember that simply being able to open a door does not mean that you will. Skeleton keys are only for the truly willing.

Also know that to open this door may not only be a look inside yourself. It may allow you to peer beyond yourself and into the nature of the universe. We were all made in the image of God. We have a piece of Him inside of us. The doors are there. If you have what you need, there's no reason not to, at the very least, take a little peek.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Misinterpretation of John 3:16

While I am still working hard on the Our Divine Comedy book, let's have a chat about the often misused passage from the Bible, John 3:16. Here it is in case you somehow forgot it:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Ever since Sunday School, I was fed this passage over and over again like it was some sort of magic wand that I could use to get to Heaven. How easy it is! All you gotta do is believe, right? Here's the problem though: Most of the people who say they believe, really don't.

The idea of believing seems to have devolved into just... saying you believe. It's like reciting an oath and just moving on. Okay, so maybe it is an oath. That only make things worse when you live a sinful life. In that case, you are breaking an oath! Who cares if you still think you believe; you broke the damn oath!

There is more to believing than simply saying so. Believing that God and Jesus are who they are means that there is a responsibility to living your life a certain way. You can't just say it and continue acting like a sinner. Sinners are sinners. The wages thereof is death. Believing in Christ means you change your ways there and from then on.

They call it getting reborn. Well, how disappointing is it to be reborn only to do all the stupid stuff all over again? It makes no sense! If you're going to do something, follow through with it! This is mainly why I don't actually think people really believe as they said they did. They may believe in an eternally forgiving God who looks past all their failing after the initial oath, but I really doubt he is that forgiving. He 's probably disgusted by all this behavior. Why not try and be a good person rather than looking for loopholes that don't actually exist?

John 3:16 is true. It is very important. But if you go into it half-assed, then it will ultimately destroy you when your time has come. Take it seriously! Don't try and interpret it. If you are going to be a Christian, than you better go into it 100%. It's an oath. The punishment for breaking that oath is death.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Fairy Tale Spotlight: A Fairy Encounter

A strange thing once happened to me. I left my village to go foraging. So there I was in the forest when I came across a man who did not seem normal.

"Are you lost?" I asked him.

The being looked down at me for he was very tall and of a perfect complexion. He only looked at me for a moment. It was as if I was a mere distraction. Once again, I tried to talk to him, "From whence do you come? Maybe I can help you."

Suddenly the being said as to someone else of whom I could not see, "Thirty-six, seven. Three to the right. I have not found the source."

These words did not make much sense to me. I had never heard such gibberish talk before. If I had heard anyone back at the village say such a thing, I would have thought their mind to be fevered. But there was a certain conviction in this tall man's voice that near convinced me that what he said had a purpose.

Wanting to assist him in any way that I could, I told him, "I do not know what you mean by all these numbers, but maybe you can find what you are looking for in my village."

He suddenly held up a large hand towards my face. I was startled! I backed away, thinking he was going to strike me, but he did not. He was not even looking at me. And then he said, "Seven is not correct. Pathways are off by one."

I pointed to the dirt path that I had been traveling on. "But the path is right here. I travel it nearly every day when I--" I was interrupted.

I beg your indulgence, for it is difficult to explain what happened to me next. All that I know is that the man looked me in the eyes. It was a bit more than that. It was like our eyes were connected across a tube of light.

I felt as if he crawled inside of me and began picking me a part from the inside. He was looking around. More and more, I felt disjointed even as I stood there perfectly still. I wanted to cry. It felt terrible. Pieces of me felt as if they were moving aside and even separated completely, yet I could still feel them. They were mere inches away from me. I was broken and destroyed... yet alive and experiencing it all through the magic of this man.

I do not know how long it lasted, but it did come to an end. I blinked and found myself reassembled. The man was still there but looking at something else. I collapsed to the ground and wept. I begged aloud, "Forgive me, master, for I did not know! You have my loyalty! Spare this wretched one!"

Despite my prostration, he seemed to ignore me. And soon I heard him say, "Thirty-seven, six. Three to the right. Seven, twenty-seven, four. Back on track." And with that, he walked away from me into the shroud of woods.

I continued to weep. I was able to move, but I was so oppressed by what had been done to me, that I think I remained there in the dirt for a very long time. I eventually went back home and told the villagers of what I had experienced. They said that the man I met was a fairy, and that sometimes fairies may speak in numbers, and sometimes they will not. It is not for us to know their ways, but we may still tell of them so that others will know.

And so for all my years after it happened, I told the story of my encounter, and others retold it too... but sometimes in different ways. I suppose the gist of it is there. Even when I hear them retell my own story, I still see his eyes... as he looked inside of me... and pulled me apart with his very gaze. How horrible it was.

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