Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Just a Thought About Goats

I've noticed goats tend to pop up a lot in the occult and Satanism in general. That got me wondering. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense.

Hedonism is a major part of the occult. You are often expected to indulge in various ways. It may be food, sex, or even murder. The whole point is to make you feel powerful by allowing you to do all the things your natural body wants to do.

Goats are really not a bad symbol for hedonism. They rather have several reputations in that line of thinking. Let's look at a few of them:

1. Goats are known for eating just about anything.

The first time I encountered a goat, it was at a farm on a very cold day. I was wearing a coat at the time. I reached out to pet him, however, he was more interested in eating the sleeve of my coat. I had to grab his jaw and force open his mouth to get him to stop.

Goats have a reputation for eating things, even if the things they are eating are not meant to be eaten. Now, where it is not actually true that they will eat tin cans like in the cartoons, they will TRY to. They will try to eat anything until they realize that it can't be eaten. This makes the food that they will eat quite insurmountable. It doesn't take much for them to open their mouth and, at the very least, taste it. "Glutton" is a well and good label for these creatures.

2. Goats are known for being horny a lot.

Yeah. It's a thing. The lust of a goat is not rivaled by many. They don't really care who or what they do it with, as long as it gets done. For this reason, goats can also be used as a lustful symbol. I'll leave it at that.

3. Goats are known for their aggressiveness.

Horns are often a symbol of power, and goats have no issue with using them, even when not provoked. This could be interpreted likewise, within hedonism, that you should aggressively take what you want, even if it means hurting others. Use your horns! Strike when you can and do so for your own pleasure.

Just consider these three points when you think about Leonard, Baphomet, or the fauns and satyrs of lore. Goats are well-suited to represent the hedonism of the occult. They inspire them to do as they will in the name of their own hunger and lust. It is the way of the goat.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Katamari Damacy

Here is another game that I have grown fond of over the years. Katamari Damacy is a series of games from Japan (and it shows) about rolling everything into a big ball and turning them into stars. The game mechanic is extremely simple. Anything that sticks to your Katamari ball increases the mass of your ball, allowing you to eventually pick up bigger things. But the real joy of this game comes from its bizarre story which in some ways mimics the spiritual truth of our reality.

The plot of each Katamari varies but ultimately has one thing in common: The King of All Cosmos (basically God) somehow manages to destroy all the stars in the sky. There could be a number of reason for this. In the first game for PS2, he did it while sleepwalking. This always leads to needing new stars created, but since he is the King and kings don't normally do their own work, the act of collecting raw matter for new stars falls upon the Prince.

The King of all Cosmos (incorrectly) exists somehow within his own creation, something that doesn't make much sense but works for the purpose of the game. He is an impossibly huge entity and comes across as extremely insane. His son, however, is the antithesis of his father's size and demeanor. He is about the size of a thumbtack. Despite the prince being so very tiny, he is about as strong as his father which allows him to roll those ever growing balls around.

It is the Prince's job to save the universe by collecting raw material from earth to be re-purposed into stars. The King of All Cosmos is not nice to the Prince. He bullies him a lot and often calls him the "Loser Prince." Yet the tiny Prince is a hard worker and goes out of his way to make his father proud of him. And if he does a good job, the King really does reciprocate, sometimes with tears.

What is very interesting about this game is that the King will give the Prince a goal, but he is only really happy if the Prince far exceeds that goal. He wants his son to go much farther than he feels he is realistically capable of (often double or triple the quantity of which he asked.) So while playing the game, I will often attempt to do this if only to get a good reaction from God himself because it does rather hurt to disappoint him.

The emotional relationship between Prince and King is really the draw of this game... at least for me. As insane as the King of All Cosmos is... he is still the one in charge. And he is the one I have to look up to. He also reminds me a lot of God the Father who is almost just as crazy... if not crazier. Both of them love beauty. They both adore women. They see the universe as a canvas that needs to be painted. Katamari Damacy gives you a chance to take part in that painting. And you can either do it in just the way you were asked, or you can go all out and make the universe into something much better than anyone ever imagined... including God.

I recommend the Katamari Damacy games. The later ones are better than the original, but they are all good.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Your Own Thoughts

Think a thought. Not something ordinary like, "I better take out the trash." Like something you may personally consider profound in some way. Perhaps it is a piece of wisdom or some sort of epiphany about something happening in the world. Once you have had that thought, stop right there and consider it.

Consider why you had that thought. Did you come up with it yourself? Did you hear it somewhere? On TV maybe?

If your thought was just something you heard somewhere, it needs to be reassessed. Agreeing with something is not the same as having your own thought. You are having someone else's thought. It's okay to agree with someone, but that doesn't make it belong to you. You've merely borrowed from someone else.

Now, if this thought is purely yours, and it did not get influenced by an outside source, you get to keep it and do whatever you want with it. You can say it and take full credit for it. It's yours.

Having a thought that was influenced by an outside source can still be yours... if you are willing to bother researching it. You would need to spend the time an effort going out of your way to identify if this borrowed thought is true. Most people don't bother doing this, but YOU CAN! It is within your ability.

Most people see and hear things and download the data like a digital sponge. They file it all away and then access them while they are doing their normal thinking. They think they are their own thoughts, but it's really just stuff they heard. There is no effort at all to bother making their own thoughts anymore.

The best way to deal with this problem is to automatically disconnect yourself from all bits of information. You can still listen to it and even file it away, but be very clear that this stuff is not distinctly you. DO NOT BE A PRODUCT OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Listen but do not own. Verify as you go and figure things out entirely by yourself. If you can't, then fine. Come up with your own personal conclusions and publish. Don't worry about being wrong.

Your own thoughts should be your own. You should be having them yourself without influence. Independent thought is a wonderful thing. It separates the real humans from the robots.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Earth Defense Force

Earth Defense Force is a long-running series of games about a global military force's efforts to stop an alien menace from taking over Planet Earth. The series is heavily inspired by those campy Japanese monster films such as Godzilla. The majority of the time you are fighting giant insects such as ants, spiders, and those rolly-poly pill bugs, but later on, they introduce giant monsters and robots and even flying UFOs.

I actually own all of these games except for the very first one, called Monster Attack, which only came out in Japan. I freaking love this series. And there are plenty of reasons why someone might hate these games. The graphics are bare bones. The story is often completely ridiculous. The look and feel of it seems dated. Also most of the games are just rehashes of one another with a slight graphical upgrade. But time and time again, I keep buying them and playing them.

All those supposedly bad things are actually boons to the series. It's campy! It was entirely intended to be campy. It makes you feel like you are in one of those old, cheesy monster movies. They put you on a fighting force and fling you out into a crazy monster battle.

Now, there were two attempts to make this series more gritty. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon was the only one from the series to be made in the USA. They took the same plot but overhauled it to be gritty and realistic. And they really did accomplish this well. The problem was that it made the game boring. The campy stuff was what made the game so much fun. The second it became a serious matter, everything became a chore.

The second time they did this was in the most recent game Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. This worked out a little better. In this case, everything is written to be gritty but delivered in a campy way. I have been enjoying this version of the game. Also the reason it probably works is because Iron Rain was developed in Japan.

And I think Japan really gets the credit here. They gave us a wonderful budget series of games and made them so remarkably fun. I love being thrust into a monster battle with only an experimental assault rifle. I love ripping into them hard and fast. I love the mellow drama of the voice acting. And most of all, I love the moment when all the other men fighting along side me all start crying out, "EDF! EDF! EDF!" Sometimes they even start singing during the battle! It's just wonderful. The lyrics are even on the screen if you wanna sing with them.

If you enjoy the old campy monster movies from Japan, this series is a great way to further your love for the genre. There is at least one game released for every system since PS2, and I have no doubt there are more on the way. Buy and play these games. They are wonderful.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Problems with Christian Entertainment

I'm just going to come out with it. Christian entertainment in TV and film-making is terrible. They have always been terrible. They will likely never be not terrible. There is no point in watching any of them. With some very few exceptions, they are all crap. You are better off watching 70's movies about Satanism than giving time to the boiled garbage that is Christian entertainment.

I think I always knew it to be true, but after seeing the 2018 Samson movie, I really just cannot put up with it anymore. It's just all bad. If a movie comes out saying things like "Christian" or "Inspirational" just go to the nearest secular movie and enjoy yourself.

Christian movies have pretty much always been bad. You can go back in time as far as you want, and there is nothing worth looking at. If anything they got worse as time went on. The reason for all the stupid comes from the fact that organized Christians tend to be incredible prudes that don't even respect their own source material. They are willing to change or rip apart scenes from The Bible itself just so that people have a much friendlier outlook on what Christianity is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Samson was having fun at a brothel! He was screwing women he didn't know. God had no problem with him until way later when he cut his hair! God is not a prude. And The Bible is a good book exactly as it is. The stories within it are amazing. And honestly, those stories really are intended for adults. These movies are softened up as if we were fragile little children who can't handle that God was laughing his ass off while Samson was being an awful person!

I get that Sunday School stuff tends to be softer for the children there, but it never stopped. Organized Christianity treats everyone like children. They have no respect for any of us. Their movies are shit. Either use the source material as it is given, or stop making these pointless films! I'm not impressed. God isn't impressed. None of these stories are the least bit interesting as presented. It's all trash, and if every one of them is burned up in a fire, the world will be cleaner for it.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Weird Things I Remember

I thought of three things about myself that you might find weird. Let's go over them one by one.

1. I grew up in a tree-house.

The house in question was a stilted house in the middle of a forested area. These sort of houses are better known for being found at beach-side properties. Our basement was above-ground, and our main floor was above it. There was a 3rd floor (or loft) above that. When I would wake up in the morning, I could look out of my window and see the tops of the trees. This was my childhood. I grew up in a tree-house and I dearly miss it.

2: The automatic toaster.

One half of my childhood was spent at my grandparent's water-side property. I spent so much time there, I feel like I was half raised there. My grandparents often bought experimental items. One of them was a top-loading toaster that was automatic. By automatic, I mean that the bread would slowly lower down into the toaster itself, and once the bread was toasted, it would slowly raise the bread back up. No button ever needed to be pressed. The bread was automatically detected by an internal pressure sensor.

I considered this toaster to be superior to all other toasters. Everywhere else I went, people had to press down a bar to get the toast to lower down. I have always wondered why this trend never took off. I suppose people must just like the sound of the toast popping up, but the automatic toaster had its own sound. It was the soft crackling of toasted bread slowly rising up alongside of the grinding gears. There was something very satisfying about that. Just the thought of it makes me hungry.

3: The television phone.

My grandparents also had a TV that doubled as a telephone. It was a Zenith brand, and I never saw any other TV like it. One must merely press the telephone button on the remote (called the SPACE PHONE button), and the broadcast would mute to make way for a dial tone. You could then dial a phone number in using the remote. The phone call would then take place right there at the TV set while the silent TV broadcast would continue to show. Why this did not take off, I have no idea. It was innovative.


These three things all felt like normal things to me while I was growing up. I only found out later that everyone was different. Maybe they were not so much different as they were just like one another. I suppose these are some of the reasons I often feel secluded from everyone.

Also don't knock the slow moving toast so easily. You'd be surprised how lovely that rising sound was. It's really too bad it never took off.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Loony Tunes Show

I just recently finished watching the complete series for The Loony Tunes Show, and I am extremely impressed by the genius writing and presentation put into it. There was not one episode I disliked, and the whole thing pretty much centered around the theme of "What horrible thing will Daffy Duck do today?"

And Daffy Duck really is the reason to watch this show. That is not to say that the other classic characters are not well represented. They are all there and very awesome. But the thing that really makes The Loony Tunes Show work is the well-written synergy between all the characters. It's all about flow and balance.

Bugs Bunny is a calm, collected, and relaxed individual that likes to read books. He does his best to lead a simple life without any stress. He is balance.

Bugs voluntarily lives with Daffy Duck who is a narcissistic sociopathic psychopath with an ego that shines brighter than the sun itself. He represents flow.

Daffy is friends with Porky Pig who constantly plays it safe. He is OCD about everything and constantly tries to give his careful living wisdom to others, sometimes to their annoyance. He lives a perfectly safe life and is pleased with the mediocrity more than upset by it. He is also bald. Porky is balance.

Daffy is constantly says and does horrible things to Porky because he doesn't respect him. Bugs defends the pig... to a point. But ultimately it is Porky to blame for his failures in life which is made clear as the show progresses.

Adult relationships shine in this show. Lola Bunny is a ridiculous bimbo of a female, yet she has a very adorable free spirit. Bugs, who could not stand her at first, ultimately falls in love with her... hard. I mean really hard. She represents flow. Balance and flow tend to attract each other.

Daffy's girlfriend Tina Russo is the very definition of balance, yet there is an aggression in her that comes out a lot. The difference is that she is always collected when the aggression comes out. She just doesn't give a shit, and that is why Daffy will always be attracted to her. She just doesn't care what he does or says to her.

One more that I would like to mention is Foghorn Leghorn, who ends up having a "bro-mance" with Daffy throughout the show. Foghorn is actually a character of flow. But he respects people like himself, which is what drew him towards Daffy. Because flow and flow often causes clashes, the two were not always getting along. In fact, they even had a big violent fight early on in the series. But the love and respect was always there. Beautiful really.

The Loony Tunes Show has so much more to give than what I was able to write here. It is brilliant from beginning to end. All characters meant something. It does not patronize adults. The continuity between episodes remained constantly strong which held it all together, making it feel like one long episode. A brilliant and relevant work of art. Bravo.

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Looking at 2020

Numbers are a funny thing. Most of the time I try and ignore them. The problem with numbers is that, no matter how high you go, you can always go higher. To some worldly people, more equals better. To people who look towards higher things, the only number you should be associated with is infinity, and as one of my friends once added to this, "you then go a little farther."

But even so, numbers still catch my interest from time to time. Not usually out of calculation but more in line with puns or references to other numbers that I considered notable. I considered this new decade and the number that is produced is: 2020. It brought a couple of things to mind.

First of all, I realized that the number 2020 is often used as a euphemism for seeing clearly. Naturally I was once debunked on this by someone who told me that 2015 is considered clearer than 2020. But 2015 passed and was woefully unclear. And besides, 2020 is more supported by common usage anyways. We use 2020 to describe clarity, and so it is my hope that the year 2020 provides such clarity as the euphemism proclaims.

Secondly: this is the first year in a long time that had a good sounding decade to it. Nobody likes saying the Oh's or the Tens. It's rubbish. But here we are back in the Roaring 20's! Roaring like a lion. And I wonder if we'll find that lion somewhere in this world. Maybe he'll be the one to give us that 2020 clarity, eh?

But whatever the case, the number 2020 is simply a date. There will be more of them. I suppose somewhere along the line, the numbers will stop and we'll find that beautiful Infinity, and with that Infinity, there's no telling how much farther we'll try to go.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Fairy Tale Spotlight: The Problems with Disney

I grew up loving Disney. At an early age, I was privileged to have the Disney Channel. They showed the old cartoons often, saw many of their classic movies, and got a general idea about how Imagineering worked. Disney was all about the creation of new ideas. It also became one of our primary delivery outlets for fairy tales in both live action and animation.

Disney... sadly... is not worth anything anymore. They have become a sequel and remake machine. Even though they have plenty of other great fairy tales they could be working on, they are ignoring them. They are only fiddling around with their old stories. Everything at Disney has pretty much come to a halt.

The sad thing is that most people have gotten used to this culture of sequels and remakes. They aren't really looking for anything new but wondering what else can get a redo. They've embraced this because nobody has really bothered trying to do any better. Disney is making everybody cynical. And maybe that was the plan all along.

Disney gets such a massive flow of money from the zombie-like masses. People are actually loyal to them as a company. It isn't even about the stories anymore. It's just Disney. The brand is what people follow. They see "Disney" and flock to it because they think they have to. It's almost like watching a cult in motion.

Yes, the movies can still be judged on their own merits, but I'm not doing that right now. I'm just pointing out the overarching problem. Disney does not care anything about Imagineering (a wonderful word, by the way) anymore. They are only interested in siphoning as much money from its loyal followers as they can before they die. We've officially lost one of the great story-making companies we've ever had in this world, and what we got in place of it is, by the same ratio, absolutely terrifying.

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