Monday, May 31, 2021

Fairy Tale Spotlight: Leviticus [Book Review]

"Leviticus" is the third book of the "Holy Bible" and was written by Moses in his usual redundant fashion. Seriously, I cannot stand him as an author, but the stuff he wrote was still important. I'll suffer him for now.

"Leviticus" is a list of laws given out by God to Moses while he was still back on Mount Sinai. It covers various topics:

1. Sacrifices and how they must be performed.

2. Information pertaining to the priesthood.

3. Uncleanliness, such as how to deal with leprosy.

4. Another pass at sin and what is considered a sin.

5. Punishment for sin.

All in all, the book is just a list, save for one interesting moment where a man is caught swearing against God outside of the camp and that he ends up being stoned for it.

I particularly found the parts about sinful acts to be interesting. God talks a lot about bestiality and incest in every way that it could redundantly be described. At one point he refers to both acts as "confusion." That is an interesting perspective from God himself, and it should be important to remember that in context. God has the greatest third party perspective on us, and such acts would seem confusing to Him.

There was also a passage about delivering your seed unto Moloch. Moloch was a god who demanded the sacrifice of infant children where they would be burned in the fire. This was the precursor to what later became abortion. It was actually done for the same reason but in the style of infanticide. The context of Moloch is not actually given in the book, because such things were just known at the time. However, I just happen to know what they were talking about.

The only other thing I should mention is the confusing name of this book. "Leviticus" has to do with the tribe of Levi who where the priestly tribe of the Israelites. The name actually just translates into "Law of the Priests." That should clear things up a bit more.

Should I recommend "Leviticus?" If you are interested in the original laws given out by God to Moses, then go for it. If you are looking for a more narrative story, then skip it. Once again, Moses is not a pleasant writer.

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  1. Incest and bestiality are nonsense. They are "square pegs" in reality that break reality. Unlike spirit: flesh is mortal. It suffers REAL problems when people do such things. We see this in the spread of disease. The killing of babies is overt demonstration that those who do the breaking do so DELIBERATELY. They delight in the harm is causes... BECAUSE it is harmful. It is why so many sinners smoke.

    1. Yeah, God's law actually was for the benefit of the people. THere were real, physical reasons for them.

  2. The acts are indeed confusing, I can almost hear God say "Seriously!" with a mighty facepalm. Sacrifices to Moloch are disgusting and an affront to God, prochoice is choosing Moloch over God. It's pathetic that people have to be told right from wrong...

    1. Some of the things humans do must make His head spin.

  3. Leviticus is interesting more for what the laws represent. The sacrifices are symbolic of who Jesus is and what he did. He sacrificed himself for us.

    1. Yeah, much of the Old Testament is showing a lot of symbolism about what happens later. Very important.